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Feng Shui Yin Earth Pig 2019

As the year will be ending for the earth dog, we will be celebrating the Lunar Chinese New Year on 5th of February 2019 to welcome Pig year. Before the ending of Earth dog, you should be starting your preparation for Yin Earth Pig on 4th February 2019 for the Hsia Calendar. It will be time for you to get all the necessary precautions and cures for that day itself that falls on Li Chun (Spring - 立春) day. Important directions that requires your attention will be: 3 Killings (232.5 - 307.5), Tai Sui (322.5 - 337.5), Sui Po (142.5 - 157.5), 5 Yellow (202.5 - 247.5), Robbery Star, illness Star, etc. Important note: Do not attempt to activate these sectors and do have all the cures in place to allow yourself a peaceful year ahead. Remember that it is always best to leave these sectors along without causing any noise or disturbance. Therefore please do not have renovation that creates noise in these areas. As the saying goes - prevention is better than cure.

It is time to equip yourself with the right information as where you will have the afflictions of unfavorable sectore in 2019 thereby creating all necessary cures and preventive measures to avoid any mishaps or bad things happening during 2019. Every area has the necessary cures to help reducing the effects of disasters and allowing you to have a peaceful and prosperous year ahead. Of course the best and yet effective way will be doing nothing at those sectors as not to aggravate them while putting cures to reduce the afflictions. Next will be allowing yourself to activate those good stars to promote good health and wealth for you and your family. Should you have any doubts then best to leave that area alone. Not doing anything will be better than activating the wrong area where the bad stars are and creating unneccessary havoc.

Important to take note of these bad stars - Star 2 (illness), Star 3 (quarrelsome), Star 5 (Yellow) and Star 7 (violent). Other than these stars, you need cures for the Grand Duke (known as Tai Sui) that resides at North-West (322.5 - 337.5). The best solution to cure Tai Sui will be using the Salt water cure to subdue the effect. Please take note that you will need to throw away the old cure for salt water and replace a new set of 7 coins with salt. What do you need to do for salt water cure? Take a glass bowl and place 7 coins at the bottom and then fill up with salt (around 3/4) and pour water until it reaches to the brink. Remember to add water when it evaporated and also the salt as it goes down below 3/4. North-east is where the Star 2 (illness) has moved from the West and Star 3 (quarrelsome) is located in the South area. Both the Star 5 (Yellow) and Star 7 (violent) are located at South-West and South-East respectively. These stars have very bad effects on you and therefore it will be wise to be equipped with the right cures for preparation yourself in 2019 in order to avert coming disasters and obstacles that will hinder your career, wealth and health.

Let re-collect what are the good and bad stars for the coming of 2019 Yin Earth Pig Flying Stars:

1. Authority Star 1 - West
2. illness Star 2 - North-East
3. Quarrelsome Star 3 - South
4. Relationship Star 4 - North
5. 5 Yellow Star - South-West
6. Wealth Star 6 - East
7. Violent Star 7 - South-East
8. Lucky Star 8 - Centre
9. Future Star 9 - North-West

To keep all bad stars under control will require all necessary cures as well as leave those areas un-disturb without activating them. Remember to keep tabs on those bad effects of stars with the right remedies. It is always desire to sit with your back facing Tai Sui for support and facing the 3 killings to avoid backstabbing. Just a thumb rule - do not disturb bad sectors to avoid creating havocs and getting yourself a smooth sailing year ahead for 2019 Feng Shui Yin Earth Pig.

2019 Flying Stars Yin Earth Pig Charts

* IMPORTANT * What are the solutions to avert disaster for Feng Shui 2019 Flying Stars Yin Earth Pig by using cures and preventive measures against disasters!

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