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    Barack Hussein Obama - 3rd November 2008

    Birth Date: August 4, 1961
    Birth Time: 7:24 pm
    Birth Place: Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii

    From the information, we can get his 4 pillars as shown below:

    Looking at Obama's Heavenly Day Stem, it shows Yin Earth.
    From the 4 Pillars Chart, it can be seen that Barack Obama born on Earth Snake day for the month of wooden Sheep in the Metal Ox year in Summer.

    Friendly cycle:
    Water ? Wood ? Fire ? Earth ? Metal ? Water

    Water ? Fire ? Metal ? Wood ? Earth ? Water

    Obama day is Ji representing brown earth and a Si snake in the Fire group that has Earth. Both the Sheep and ox are in the Earth Group and the friendly cycle shows Fire is the Supporting element for Earth. With these two combinations, the bonding is stronger than all other elements. This shows that Obama has a very strong personality and good health with the strong Earth support. Based on the chart, Obama's favorable elements will be water, wood and metal.

    These are the 5 elements that are controlling the life of Barack Obama. Each element has its own meaning and these are the meanings.

    Looking at his chart, Barack Obama has more Yin than Yang. This shows that he is likely to be a person that keeps secret and hard for people around him to understand or know what is in his mind at all times. Having Metal makes Barack Obama to become famous and strong career path during the age of 39 to 58. Barack Obama is a person that has alot of hidden potential for power and leadership that can be proven surprising to many who know him. He possesses the ability of making people to think of his way completely with trust. Obama has courage, nobility and energetic to make him a likeable President.

    It shows that Obama had an unstable and difficult childhood where he was having problems with siblings, friends and relatives. He was brought in an environment of fighting for himself to become what he is now challenging for election to be the next US President. It is shown that Barack Obama is very popular among others and great with his speeches. Based on the 10 year luck pillars, at the age of 9 to 18, the wood element was causing pressure to the Earth element belonging to Barack Obama. From his birth chart, it shows Obama has a very strong personality and great determination in his school days. Unfortunately the day shows that he was not having a good relationship with his father.

    From age 19 to 28, he got the water element which means Money. The fire element represented to his supporters therefore during that period, it was likely that he was fight for reputation, money and power. Again from the age of 29 to 38, he had water element meaning money in relationship. Dragon is represented by Earth and containing water. Therefore, it brought more income for him during that period. There was sign of love blosom and it could meant meeting a woman in his life.

    From age 39 to 48, there is metal which represents having a good reputation in his life. Having metal helps him to become famous. And together with the Wood element, it will be an enhancement to his career path. In the year of the Rabbit, it created an opportunity of boosting his career further. From age 49 to 58, again the metal element maintain his good reputation and bringing him to become more famous than ever. There seems to be a slight problem with his family or marriage issue.

    Therefore based on the 10 luck pillars, Barack Obama is likely to be the next US President with marginal win for this election.

  • What's Feng Shui?

    Fengshui in Mandarin word is said to be Wind for Feng and Water for Shui. Therefore the terms for Fengshui is all about Wind and Water. Fengshui is also related to the flow of 'Qi' or 'chi' similar to the practice of 'Qigong'. This ancient Chinese Art of 'Qi' flowing into one's house and the placement of objects or furniture will have the effects of good or bad for the household. Fengshui is having the energy or 'qi' travelling into your house and settle down to retain Good Fortune & Wealth.

    Fengshui is also related the 'Yin' & 'Yang' that refers to the principle of Heaven and Earth in harmony. Fengshui is to create the element of balancing between both 'Yin' and the 'Yang'. To have the best orientation to avoid bad 'qi' and receive auspicious 'qi' is what Fengshui is about.

    Fengshui is classified under two schools - 'Form School' and 'Compass School'. It is always good to learn either one of the technique first and combine it. It is known that the Form School is the study of the Four Symbolic Animals i.e. Clockwise direction is the Turtle (back), Dragon (left), Phoenix (front) and the Tiger (right). The 'Compass School' has two classifications i.e. one refers to the East / West System or the 8 Mansions and the Flying Stars System. This is specifically comprised of four aspects: House, the Environment, the Person and the Time. Feng Shui is not completed without utilizing all the above conditions. The most accurate diagnostic, Feng Shui analyzes precisely how a house and environment supports the person and duration of the time period affects the house and its occupants.

    Feng Shui can be said as a concept of logic and when applying Fengshui in your office or your house, bear in mind that it has to have a balance between 'yin' & 'yang'. Unfortunately to say that our learning of the ancient Art of Feng Shui is never completed due to the true Master of Feng Shui had never taught his disciples the entire skills. We hope that through exchanges of knowledge and discussions, we will once again learn the entire concept behind Feng Shui. This site will be showing you how to can find out your Gua Numbers, Flying Stars and more as we progress along. We hope to provide you with Basic Knowledge about Feng Shui. Be sure to check our site frequently or you can subscribe to our Mailing List to keep in touch for new updates. To subscribe our Mailing List, please Click Here. All new information and updates can be found in the Updates Link.

    We will be covering topics based on Feng Shui Tools about Five Elements, Eight Trigrams, Ba Kua, Lo Pan Compass, Nine Stars, Forms, Mountain, Yin-Yang, Water Stars. If any of you have suggestions or tips you wish to share with our readers, please join our Forum to submit your contributions. To join our Forum, please Click Here. Or you wish to send us, please write to us using our Contact Info here.

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