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Feng Shui - Wood Sheep 2015

Chinese Lunar New Year will be celebrating on 19th February 2015 but based on Solar Calendar, Feng Shui cures will be carried out on 4th February 2015 (according to the Hsia calendar). It should starts early morning on 4th February where we should be welcoming the new year for Wood Sheep on Li Chun (Spring - 立春) day. This will mark the end of the Wood Horse as we welcome the new Wood Sheep 2015 Feng Shui. We should be making all the necessary preparations of the cures and preventive measures that will ensure another smooth sailing year 2015 in order to avoid any danger of crisis and bad influences that will be occuring during this year. Avoidance and preparation will be the key factor of making sure that you will be undisturbed and emerge as a winner of good fortune and prosperity.

It is always important to know those unfavorable sectors and afflictions of monthly stars occuring during 2015 and knowing what are the cures & preventive measures to take in order to bypass the disasters. You will need to know and understand the bad stars and then equip yourself with the remedies as to avoid these problems ahead. Remember to only activate the good stars and leaving alone for all the bad stars to ensure your safety and good fortune in 2015. If unsure then it is better to leave it alone since you do not want to activate the wrong stars.

Stars that you need to pay attention will be Illness Star 2, Quarelsome Star 3, Yellow Star 5 and Violent Star 7. Also you must be careful of Grand Duke (known as Tai Sui) which will reside at South-West corner (angle is 202.5 - 217.5 degrees). The best option of cure for Tai Sui will be applying the Salt Water Cure. Remember to dispose of the salt water cure for 2014 and create a new cure (using 7 coins, salt, bowl and water). Water and salt will be needed to add when the salt is less than 3/4 of the bowl or water evaporated. You will need to note that Illness Star 2 is in South-East while Quarelsome Star 3 will reside in Center. The dangerous 5 Yellow Star will be located at West location. Finally, the Violent Star 7 which is located in South corner. As you may have known or experiencing the effect of those Bad Stars in the past, you are better off to gear up those preventive measure of cures to avoid problems like sickness, career failure, accidents, illness, injuries, lawsuit or even death. A good point to note will be advanced preparation of necessary cures in 2015 in order to avert any serious problems and making your year smooth riding ahead.

Let us take a look at the location of good and bad stars for flying stars 2015 Yin Wood Sheep:

1. Authority Star 1 - East
2. illness Star 2 - South-East
3. Quarrelsome Star 3 - Center
4. Relationship Star 4 - North-West
5. 5 Yellow Star - West
6. Wealth Star 6 - North-East
7. Violent Star 7 - South
8. Lucky Star 8 - North
9. Future Star 9 - South-West

When it comes to knowing the bad stars and its effect, we always like to put a stern warning you must be aware & include all necessary cures for 5 Yellow, 3 Killings and Tai Sui if you desire to have a pleasant year 2015. It is never a good idea to leave it to your luck as it is better to have a preventive measure than seeking help when things happen later. So, be wise and take all necessary steps of cures to avert disaster happening in 2015 Yin Wood Sheep Feng Shui.

Monthly Flying Stars Yin Wood Sheep 2015 Charts

4th Feb - 5th Mar 2015

6th Mar - 4th Apr 2015

5th Apr - 5th May 2015

6th May - 5th Jun 2015

6th Jun - 6th Jul 2015

7th Jul - 7th Aug 2015

8th Aug - 7th Sept 2015

8th Sept - 7th Oct 2015

8th Oct - 6th Nov 2015

7th Nov - 6th Dec 2015

7th Dec - 5th Jan 2016

6th Jan - 3rd Feb 2016

* IMPORTANT * Your solution to avert complications for Feng Shui 2015 Flying Stars Yin Wood Earth Sheep using cures and preventive measures against disasters!

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