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Welcome to your own Personalize 4-D Numbers prediction. Before you get started, we like you to know about the 3 types of Luck in Feng Shui. It is defined as: Heavenly Luck, Manly Luck and Earthly Luck.

Heavenly Luck is not controllable by anyone. An example like one company is working on getting a million dollar contract but yet another company without much effort gets the contract instead. This is what we classified as Heavenly Luck. It is said that one is born with Heavenly Luck and it is believed to have taken 40% of our lives.

Manly Luck is defined as doing things at your free will. This is said to have 25% control of our lives.

Feng Shui is all about Earthly Luck. Earthly Luck takes control 35% of our lives. Using Feng Shui. we can enhance to trigger our Earthly Luck.

What this Personalize 4-D Numbers does is to trigger your Earthly Luck from our research on Feng Shui in accordance to your Date (Year / Month / Day) and Time of Birth. With the Year when you were born, it decides your personal Bazi Lucky Number to buy your 4-D Numbers ticket. It is vital that you follow the result shown in order to utilize your own Earthly Luck to get the winning ticket!

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