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Feng Shui 2014 Wood Horse

This year, the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrates on 31st January 2014 but for Feng Shui application of placement will not begin until 4th February 2014 on Solar New Year (according to the Hsia calendar). It should starts around 6 am in the morning of 4th February as we welcome the arrival of Green Wood Horse for Li Chun (Spring - 立春). It comes as an end for the Yin Water Snake with the emerging Wood Fire Horse 2014 Feng Shui. The representation of Wood Fire Horse brings turmoil around the world but we can make all necessary preparation with the right cures and preventive measures to allow us going through 2014 against Sha Qi poison arrows and bad influences happening.

The afflictions of monthly stars can change from favorable to unfavorable therefore you will need to monitor the stars movement and take necessary actions to avoid disaster. You will need to acquire some knowledge about the bad stars to allow yourself equip with the remedies and cures thus avert problems ahead. It is essential for you to have a clear understanding of each stars in different sectors that can help you or causing problems. Good stars in sector(s) will need to be activated while bad stars are better to be left alone with cures.

Stars that you need to pay attention will be Illness Star 2, Quarelsome Star 3, Yellow Star 5 and Violent Star 7. Also you must be careful of Grand Duke (known as Tai Sui) which will reside at South corner (angle is 172.5 - 187.5 degrees). The best option of cure for Tai Sui will be applying the Salt Water Cure. Remember to dispose of the salt water cure for 2013 and create a new cure (using 7 coins, salt, bowl and water). Water and salt will be needed to add when the salt is less than 3/4 of the bowl or water evaporated. You will need to note that Illness Star 2 moves from South-West to East while Quarelsome Star 3 will reside in South-East from East. The dangerous 5 Yellow Star will be located at North-West moved from the center. Finally, the Violent Star 7 which is located in West going to move into North-East corner. As you may have known or experiencing the effect of those Bad Stars in the past, you are better off to gear up those preventive measure of cures to avoid problems like sickness, career failure, accidents, illness, injuries, lawsuit or even death. Start to plan for the cures in 2014 to ensure another smooth riding year ahead.

Let us take a look at the location of good and bad stars for flying stars 2014 Green Wood Fire Horse:

1. Authority Star 1 - South-West
2. illness Star 2 - East
3. Quarrelsome Star 3 - South-East
4. Relationship Star 4 - Center
5. 5 Yellow Star - North-West
6. Wealth Star 6 - West
7. Violent Star 7 - North-East
8. Lucky Star 8 - South
9. Future Star 9 - North

We like to stress again for the most important afflictions that you must be aware & include cures for Tai Sui, 3 Killings and 5 Yellow. Do not leave it to luck but instead have the necessary cures to prevent any future disasters or havoc happening to you in 2014 Green Wood Fire Horse for Feng Shui.

Monthly Flying Stars Green Wood Fire Horse 2014 Charts

31st Jan - 28th Feb 2014

1st March - 30th March 2014

31st March - 28th April 2014

29th April - 28th May 2014

29th May - 26th June 2014

27th June - 26th July 2014

27th July - 24th August 2014

25th August - 23rd September 2014

24th September - 23rd October 2014

24th October - 21st November 2014

22nd November - 21st December 2014

22nd December - 19th January 2015

* IMPORTANT * Your solution to avert complications for Feng Shui 2014 Flying Stars Green Wood Fire Horse using cures and preventive measures against disasters!

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