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Feng Shui - What Is Flying Stars?

Nine Flying Star Feng Shui can be called as Fei Kong Feng Shui or Fei Xing Feng Shui and the meaning of each star was lost in history without the original documentation. Now it is only the methods of using the Nine Flying Star Feng Shui theory remains. This theory of the Flying Stars is often confuse with astrology or numerology. The Nine Flying Stars Feng Shui is based on observation of the macrocosmic world and the influence towards us. With mathematical calculation method, it can utilizing specific formulae to unlock the secret patterns of the qi. The formulae draws up a special chart that discloses the placement of various numbers (flying stars). This placement is such that each number is correspondence to one of the eight cardinal or the secondary direction of the compass. The flying stars feng shui requires an intensive study at the basic symbols of the numerology computations and interpretations.

Period 7 Nine Flying Stars Feng Shui Chart
Nine Flying Stars Feng Shui is numeric system that calculates the different combinations of qi that influence your well-being. This combinations have an interpretations of the numbers to construe their meanings. Kua Numbers are the same as the numbers referred to the Flying Stars but have no inputs in the interpretations of the Flying Stars. Flying Star numbers are based on the interpretation of the entire house whereas the Kua Numbers are for individual persons. This method of Feng Shui enables a practitioner to investigate auspicious and inauspicious corners and sectors of any house or building during the 20 years period. This year will be the Period 8 since Period 7 will be ended on 21 January 2004. From 22 January 2004, if your house is built on or after this date, the computation of the Flying Star Chart will be based on Period 8 for the next 20 years. This Flying Star Chart is for a house that had been built in the Period 7, therefore the centre number is 7. The next step is to teach you how you can construct your own Flying Star Chart. We have also included a Flying Star Chart Calculator to enable you to check if you have understood our tutorial and plotting the correct chart. Use this calculator to confirm your plotting chart: Flying Star Chart Calculator

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