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Feng Shui 2013 Water Snake

2013 Feng Shui For Yin Water Snake (Gui Si) falls on the year 4711th year of the Chinese Hsia calendar.

As the Lunar Chinese New Year falls on 10th February 2013, people believes that it is the beginning of a new year but it is not so according to the Hsia Calendar. Instead the new year will begin on the 4th of February 2013 approximately at the hour after midnight where we welcome the start of Yin Water Snake as the first day of Li Chun (spring). This day will be the change of Dragon to Snake year for 2013 and concludes on 3rd February 2014 before the emerging Horse for 2014. Preparation has to be made as we are approaching another new year so that we can embrace ourselves with the correct cures and alternative measures to lead another peaceful and prosperous year 2013 against Sha Qi as well as bad influences.

You may not realize that the yearly and monthly flying stars are the factors that will affect each sector that can be favorable or unfavorable. Understanding of the stars and knowing the bad stars in each sector will help you to utilize the cures and remedies to avert disasters in your life. Yearly Feng Shui flying stars is to help you to create and making a balance of your life and avert any havoc or misfortune that may occur at that period. Therefore it will be essential to know which are the good stars and bad stars so you can actually activate the good stars while counter measures against the bad ones.

For Yin Water Snake 2013, the Misfortune Star 5 Yellow has moved to center of your house from South-East. This star will create havoc and all sorts of bad luck happening in your family. As earth is the element of bringing bad luck, it is at the center which will enhance the bad star 5 which means doubling its effect. The illness star is now reside in South-West as it moves from the North sector while the Quarrelsome Star 3 Killings is now reside in East from South-West. The Violent Star 7 from North-West is now moved to West. This year 2013 Tai Sui (Grand Duke) is still located in South-East except that it is between 142.5 - 157.5 degrees. As you may have already known that it is best to avoid the bad stars sectors while setting up cures of preventive measures otherwise you will face with sickness, lawsuit, career failure, injuries, gossips or even fatal accidents. It will be wise to steer clear of these areas until 3rd February 2014.

Here is the summary of the good and bad stars for 2013 flying stars:

1. Authority Star 1 - North
2. illness Star 2 - South-West
3. Quarrelsome Star 3 - East (52.5 to 127.5 degrees)
4. Relationship Star 4 - South-East
5. 5 Yellow Star - Center
6. Wealth Star 6 - North-West
7. Violent Star 7 - West
8. Lucky Star 8 - North-East
9. Future Star 9 - South

It has been advice that you consider the most critical afflictions that can happen in 2013 which are namely Grand Duke, 5 Yellow and 3 Killings. With this knowledge of what are installed for you ahead, you can take the necessary precautions and cures ahead to avoid any havoc or disasters that maybe occurring during 2013 for Water Snake.

Monthly Flying Stars Yin Water Snake 2013 Charts

4th Feb - 5th March 2013

6th Feb - 4th April 2013

5th April - 5th May 2013

6th May - 5th June 2013

6th June - 6th July 2013

7th July - 7th August 2013

8th August - 7th September 2013

8th September - 7th October 2013

8th October - 6th November 2013

7th November - 6th December 2013

7th December - 5th January 2014

6th January - 3th February 2014

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