Feng Shui Concept

Feng Shui - Period Star Chart

There are three stars series for creation of the Flying Star Chart. They are: Main Star, Siang Sin Star and Chor Sin Star. Putting the Stars Series into the Flying Chart, you will get what is shown in the chart with the C, S and P. It denotes by C for Chor Sin Star, S for Siang Sin Star and P for Main Star. All the representation will be replaced by numbers (stars).

Year Cycle Period
1904 - 1923 3
1924 - 1943 4
1944 - 1963 5
1964 - 1983 6
1984 - 2003 7
2004 - 2023 8

      Figure 1

C - Chor Sin Star
S - Siang Sin Star
M - Main Star    
Presuming that your house was built in 1985, it would then be in Period 7. Take the 7 and put it in the center of the Flying Star Grid as shown in Figure 1. Main Star goes to the center palace. Accomplish this task, we will finish the rest of the stars series for the order in the palaces. Let's proceed to the next lesson to fill the numbers.

Next lesson is filling the stars!

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