Feng Shui Concept

Feng Shui - South-West Sector

The Trigram for South is Kun and the Lo-Shu Number is 2. The corresponding element is Earth.

When discussing about the benefits of Feng Shui, we are referring to creating accumulative positive energy and eliminating the negative energy or 'Sha Chi'. The standard requirement of achieving positive energy, one has to ensure the area of wealth to be clean and tidy without unnecessary obstructions.

The trigram Kun denotes the Matriarch - earth and it signifies Love corner of your home and/or office and relates to the energy Yin. Choose calming, neutral colors such as taupe, beige, or pale rose for this sector.

If this sector is located in the bedroom, do not place the bed beneath the windows as it creates the feelings of vulnerability and lack of support. It will be best to have the bed beneath a full wall to have a full support. If not then by placing a screen between the head of the bed and windows has the same significant.

Under no circumstances to have the bed place on the same wall as the door as it will cause disagreements. Ensure that the bed is also not facing the toilet and keep the toilet door closes when not in use. Must sure that your bed is not located at a wall with the toilet on the other side otherwise it will result to physical ailments due to energy drain.

Need to keep clean & clear under the bed to allow the chi energy to flow freely. Lighting a pair of Red or pink candles to create an intimate atmosphere. Never place mirror across the bed that will cause insomnia and dividing the couple. As this sector is having Yin energy therefore it is best to avoid having too much Yang energy like water fountain, TV, Hi-Fi System, images of water, etc. Instead having images of pairs of birds (Mandarin Ducks) or two flowers are great love enhancers creates a very powerful symbol of a long lasting relationship.

Using a pair of vases to signify both of you and also to collect positive energy in the bedroom. To avoid your mate from straying relationship, place a beautiful conch shell in the bedroom to protect your union.

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