Feng Shui Concept

Feng Shui - West Sector

The Trigram for South is Tui and the Lo-Shu Number is 7. The corresponding element is Metal.

When discussing about the benefits of Feng Shui, we are referring to creating accumulative positive energy and eliminating the negative energy or 'Sha Chi'. The standard requirement of achieving positive energy, one has to ensure the area of wealth to be clean and tidy without unnecessary obstructions.

The trigram Tui denotes the youngest daughter - Metal and it signifies joyful corner of your home and/or office and relates to the colour of Gold. Display of colors to enhance the traits that you want to develop in a child.

Do not place the child's study table near the windows with the back facing it as it signifies lack of support. Avoid the bed near the windows as it can cause restlessness and a variety of behavior problems. The bed should be placed near a wall to gain greater support. Place nice images or pictures to enhance the child's positive imagination and more positive thinking patterns.

Bright light will be great for this corner and if sunlight is available then it will encourage the healthy movement of chi. Do not place shelf in front of the child's study table as it will create poison arrows and making it difficult for the child to concentrate.

Remind the child that the room must be kept tidy and store away un-used or unwanted items in boxes or shelves. This will enable positive chi to flow in the room. Lastly, avoid having computers or television in the room. If not possible, then be sure that the child covers the computer or television set before retiring to bed.

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