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Feng Shui - Determine Period Of Your House

What is the Period of your house?

After learning the orientation of the Directions for the Flying Star Chart, the next step is exploring the time factor. The time factor is the period of the house that was built. The term for period in Feng Shui is a time span of twenty years. You will need to figure out the year that our house was built. Therefore the period of the house will be taken as the completion of the structure for that year as the birth. You have to take note that the year mentioned above is not about 1st of January. Feng Shui years are always taken as the start of Chinese New Year and it is different on each year as compare with the western calendar. It is normally in the month of February and this year falls on 22th January 2004. If your house is built on 20 January 2004, then it will be taken as Period 7 instead of Period 8 since it falls before the Chinese New Year. Therefore it will be wise to take note if that year falls at the end of each period as whether it is before or after Chinese New Year.

Year Cycle Period
1904 - 1923 3
1924 - 1943 4
1944 - 1963 5
1964 - 1983 6
1984 - 2003 7
2004 - 2023 8

If your house is built in between the year cycle then you do not have to worry about the Chinese New Year as it will not affect the period. Only the year changes will make a difference like 1983 or 2003. What if your house is not built as shown in the Chart? Based on the above chart, you should know the each period is 20 years therefore for period 2, the year cycle will be 1884 to 1903. There is a total of nine periods and when the ninth period ends, it will start again with period one.

Next lesson is finding out the Star Chart for the period of your house

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