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    Feng Shui - Sharing Of Logical Tips

    10 Useful Feng Shui Tips

    1. Clutter free environment

    This is one of the key factor affecting your Feng Shui home or office. A proper maintenance of keeping your place clear from clutter will essentially bring in Good Healthy Qi energy. So, time to get up your butt and start cleaning your place today!

    2. Clean Out Broken Items

    A quick check on your items and if found to be broken then time to throw them away. It is bad luck to have things that are no longer working or in good condition to be taking up spaces in your home or office. Do clear them away when it is no longer working.

    3. Bright Lighting

    You need to allow sunlight into your house as it is Yang Qi energy. Depending on which corner of your house but best choice with be your dining hall or study area. With the amount of Yang energy, it does help you to gain a little more of Good Feng Shui.

    4. Sha Qi

    Every sharp edges are known as Sha Qi (bad energy) where it can do more harm than good. Try to eliminate any sharp edge in your house or office with decorative objects. It helps to look nicer and yet eliminate the bad negative energy that can harm you.

    5. Toilets or bathroom

    You do not want to drain your money into the drains. Therefore it is time to check that all your taps are function properly without leaking and remember to put the lid down for your toilet bowl so as to prevent your money from draining away.

    6. Wall Colors

    You will need to plot your Flying Stars Chart as to know which are the colors best suited in each sector. If unsure about colors, it will be clearly best to use neutral colors like white, purple, etc as long as it is not relating to the 5 elements colors like red, yellow, gold, blue, etc.

    7. Sitting Facing Direction

    Do you know that it is important to sit and face one of your 4 best directions according to your personal Kua number. If you do not know your own Kua number, time for you to check it out in this site. Also the arrangement of the table sitting position should never be having your back against nor direct in front of the door. The right arrangement will be diagonally across the room where you can see the door. Your back should always be against the wall to have the support.

    8. Bedroom Arrangement

    If you are comfortably watching TV in your bedroom, now is time to remove it and place it in the hall. Bedroom is a place of Yin where you need quietness to rest. Avoid having mirrors, computer screen or any objects that can reflect images in your bedroom. If not possible, use a piece of cloth to cover it when you are sleeping.

    9. Doors

    If your bedroom door facing another bedroom or bathroom door, then make sure that you close it. The flow of energy from one door to another directly can be harmful. If you can shift the door so that it is not directly facing then it will be good. If not possible then keep it close at all times.

    10. Overhead beams

    Never place your furniture directly under the beam above. Sitting under ceiling beams can cause great uncomfort to you. It is bad energy to be sitting direct below the ceiling beams. Move your furniture away to avoid those beams.

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    Common Tips - Updated on 2 January 2004
    Question: If a house faces a T-Junction, it is said to have the effect of poor health and accident prone. What can be done to cure?
    Answer: Re-locate the Front Door to avoid facing directly or create an angle door to prevent it being perpendicular to the road. Another way, you can add a gate as a partition in front of your front door to avoid the 'sha' qi.
    Question: If a toilet faces directly opposite the main door, it is said your wealth will be flushed away from the house. What is the cure?
    Answer: Create a partition to block the view of the main door from the toilet.
    Question: If all the doors are alight straight with the main door, the qi will not be settled in the house. What is the solution?
    Answer: You can create a partition between the door to allow the chi flow settling down in the house.
    Question: If your house is across hospital or cemetery, you will encounter a series of illness. What is the solution?
    Answer: Have a light bulb switch on continuously day and night to create 'yang' qi to encounter the strong 'yin' qi.
    Question: If your house is facing the highway, you will not be able to save money. What is the solution?
    Answer: You can re-position your front door away from the highway.

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  • What's Feng Shui?

    Fengshui in Mandarin word is said to be Wind for Feng and Water for Shui. Therefore the terms for Fengshui is all about Wind and Water. Fengshui is also related to the flow of 'Qi' or 'chi' similar to the practice of 'Qigong'. This ancient Chinese Art of 'Qi' flowing into one's house and the placement of objects or furniture will have the effects of good or bad for the household. Fengshui is having the energy or 'qi' travelling into your house and settle down to retain Good Fortune & Wealth.

    Fengshui is also related the 'Yin' & 'Yang' that refers to the principle of Heaven and Earth in harmony. Fengshui is to create the element of balancing between both 'Yin' and the 'Yang'. To have the best orientation to avoid bad 'qi' and receive auspicious 'qi' is what Fengshui is about.

    Fengshui is classified under two schools - 'Form School' and 'Compass School'. It is always good to learn either one of the technique first and combine it. It is known that the Form School is the study of the Four Symbolic Animals i.e. Clockwise direction is the Turtle (back), Dragon (left), Phoenix (front) and the Tiger (right). The 'Compass School' has two classifications i.e. one refers to the East / West System or the 8 Mansions and the Flying Stars System. This is specifically comprised of four aspects: House, the Environment, the Person and the Time. Feng Shui is not completed without utilizing all the above conditions. The most accurate diagnostic, Feng Shui analyzes precisely how a house and environment supports the person and duration of the time period affects the house and its occupants.

    Feng Shui can be said as a concept of logic and when applying Fengshui in your office or your house, bear in mind that it has to have a balance between 'yin' & 'yang'. Unfortunately to say that our learning of the ancient Art of Feng Shui is never completed due to the true Master of Feng Shui had never taught his disciples the entire skills. We hope that through exchanges of knowledge and discussions, we will once again learn the entire concept behind Feng Shui. This site will be showing you how to can find out your Gua Numbers, Flying Stars and more as we progress along. We hope to provide you with Basic Knowledge about Feng Shui. Be sure to check our site frequently or you can subscribe to our Mailing List to keep in touch for new updates. To subscribe our Mailing List, please Click Here. All new information and updates can be found in the Updates Link.

    We will be covering topics based on Feng Shui Tools about Five Elements, Eight Trigrams, Ba Kua, Lo Pan Compass, Nine Stars, Forms, Mountain, Yin-Yang, Water Stars. If any of you have suggestions or tips you wish to share with our readers, please join our Forum to submit your contributions. To join our Forum, please Click Here. Or you wish to send us, please write to us using our Contact Info here.

    Quote:"I don't have to believe in Feng Shui, I do it because it helps me to have a better lifestyle!"...William Chan

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