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Feng Shui Flying Stars 2019 - Yin Earth Pig Cures

Ending of dog year to welcome the Yin Pig 2019 Flying Stars on 4th February (according to Hsia Calendar on solar year 2019). Based on the Hsia Calendar of the solar new year of Li Chun (Spring - 立春), Yin Earth Pig Flying Stars begins on 4th February 2018 and you should be ready with your necessary cures and preventive measures as you welcome the new year. All preparations will be to reduce the effects from all those bad stars like illness Star 2, quarrelsome Star 3, 5 Yellow, Violent Star 7, Tai Sui and Sui Po tp be carried out a day ahead. Whatever you intend to do for the cures, it will be helping you in regards to health, wealth, career, relationship, etc as you move into the year of the Pig 2019. Let investigate the 9 Lo Shu Table for the trigram grid and how you can manage the cures as to remedy the effects for 2019.

Feng Shui Flying Stars Yin Earth Pig Charts

Star #1 (Water Element) - From center to West (metal energy) for Feng Shui 2019. Star #1 water element will complement with metal energy (metal produces water) and you will gain and benefit with career, money investment, business, education with positive outlook. Unfortunately, you will encounter the 3 Killings (232.5 - 307.5) that will be in this area. It will be best to keep this area quiet and peaceful as not to aggravate the 3 Killings. Using Brass Wulou for cure if this is located in your bedroom. Or placing metal objects (round shape like singing bowl) will help to reduce the 3 Killings effect.

Never introduce anything that signify FIRE in this area instead using blue or water colors as well as metal element to increase wealth and prosperity.

Star #2 (Earth Element) - From West to North-East area in 2019. Since Star 2 signifies sickness or illness effect on any person, best to leave this area alone whenever possible. North-East has the earth element which complements the Star 2 element making things worst for anyone in this area if it is the bedroom. Try not to engage noise or activities as it will activate this illness Star causing illness, sickness, disease, stress, backstabbing and harm than good. What you need to do will be applying the cures as to reduce the effect of Star 2. The best cure will be application of the Salt Water Cure, 6 hollow metal rod windchime, brass wulou and 6 chinese coins. Avoid Fire colors and do not create any noise as to activate this illness Star. You will be glad applying these cures as it will help you to avert illness or sickness for no reason at all.

Star #2 is earth element and using the metal element will help to drain the effect of Star #2. Using brass wulou, singing metal bowl or 6 metal rod windchime can help to suppress the effect. When you are having your bedroom here, it will be best to relocate another room or apply the cures. Thumb rule will be avoiding renovations, digging or any sort of noisy work in this area as not to disturb the effect of Star #2.

Since Star 2 is earth element, therefore you will need to avoid Fire element as it will activate this Star 2 and making you falling sick or ill. It will affect your business or career as well. So it will be best to use metal element to reduce this effect. You can try using colors like gold, white or silver for table cloth, floor mat, carpets, cushions, etc. This will help to reduce some of the bad influences from this illness Star #2. By using metal singing bowls or any round metal bowls helps reducing the effect.

Star #3 (Wood Element) - From North-East to South corner of your home. Star #3 is well-known as the Quarelsome star. As always to a simple but effective advice, it will be best to leave this sector untouch or try not to create noise. If not, you will face the bad effect of quarrels, assaults and legal matters with friends, relatives and colleagues. Advisable as not to mess with this star if you want a better life in 2018. As the saying goes, it is better safe than sorry to avert the effect of Star #3.

South is fire element, therefore it will be good to introduce fire element to further reduce the effect of Star 3 (since Fire destroys wood). You can introduce red colors or anything relating to Fire element to suppress the Star 3. Never introduce water in this area as it will create arguments, wealth issues, divorce and legal problems since water supports Wood element. Of course the best and simplest way will always be leaving this sector alone by not disturbing it. By leaving it as quiet as possible as not to aggravate it will always be the best solution. No activities of renovation, digging or moving things around for this area. If not then you will need to reduce the bad effect of Star #3 by using red colors element since the Star #3 is wood element. Based on the destructive cycle, Fire destroys wood therefore using the fire element will aid the reduction of this star effect. Using fire candle, red lights or any objects that are relating to fire element will help you with this sector. Having peace and harmony, use Fu Lou Shou to maintain order.

Star #4 (Wood Element) - From South Sector to North. When you activate Star 4 which relates to romance and education, it will enhance your life with good future opportunities where you enjoy great benefits in life. Utilizing water element helps to activate the wood element of Star 4 (water produces wood in productive cycle) therefore you need to avoid using Fire element (Red colors) or metal element as it will deplete or destroy the wood element. Once again, you will try not to use red lightings, candles, red clothes but using blue or black colors elements on floor mats, table cloths, pillow covers, etc instead. Another element to avoid will be metal element since it will deplete wood element. If you are in a relationship, then using Double Happiness or Mandarin ducks promotes romance.

Sum up Star 4, you can utilize this sector for education, career or travel if front door is located here. Water element can assist to promote romance, career advancement, academic success and self development of intellectual wisdom.

Star #5 (Earth Element) - From North to South-West area palace. This is the worst star out of the 9 stars that can be found in 9 grid Loshu trigram. Simple advice - Avoid at all cost if you can for 2019. This means that you do not disturb this area at all cost. No digging, renovation or making loud noises. Star 5 is the Misfortune or Sickness Star that it feared by everyone. Its effect will bring disasters of bad luck and ill fortune to anyone. Therefore, bear in mind that you Should never activate this sector. Simply why? Because activation will bring you accidents, financial losses, illness, sickness, mishaps and total destruction of poverty with this combination of 5 Yellow.

As it might not be possible to leave it alone then you have to apply these cures in order to avert all the bad effects that it will cause. Since Star 5 is earth element, by using the metal element to reduce this effect since metal will drain and weaken the earth element. Please note that you should never place any Fire element in this sector since it will enhance the ill effect of Star 5.

Summaries of the cures to reduce the effects:
- Place salt water cure method
- Using 6 metal rod wind chime
- Brass Wu Lou
- Any sort of metal round shape formation decoration
- Avoid loud noises like renovation, hammering or digging the ground
- Avoid using fire color or objects as it will cause harm and aggravate it

Word Of Advice again: NEVER disturb this corner if you do not want to have financial losses, robbery, arguments, heated disputes, family discord, misfortune, lawsuits, illnesses, fatal accidents, disharmony and legal problems issues. Remember DO NOT take this lightly as it definitely can have the amplification of misfortune and disaster for your whole family with Star #5.

Star #6 (Metal Element) - South-West palace to East in Lo Shu Square. This is yet another good Star to activate as to gain the good effect of Benevolent or Recognition Star 6 for finance, career and fortune. It will help you to reach your highest recognition in your life. Tapping on this Star 6 will aid you with your fortune, career promotion, business, educational studies and leadership.

Using earth element, you will gain the upper hand for business or career recognition of achievement for your life. Blue colors will also be ideal but avoid Fire element as it will deplete your good fortune. East is wood element which will deplete the metal element therefore it will be good to introduce earth element in the area to boost the metal element (Earth produces metal). Placing crystals (earth element) will enhance your wealth and fortune in this sector.

Star #7 (Metal Element) - From East to South-East palace. Beware of Star 7 as it comes with bad effect of negativity for robbery, family disharmony, burglary, gossip, violence attack and fraud. You will likely to face bad luck, arguments, backstabbing and loss of wealth if this is your office location. Being metal element, it will be best to avoid placing any sort of metallic objects as it will activate its bad effect of negative Qi.

In office, you will need to clearly check and read any fine print before signing orders, receipts or contracts otherwise you may ended up loss of wealth. Or if front door is here then you must include security system as to avoid theft or burglary. Always check and confirm that all doors and windows are closed and locked before leaving your house and during your nap as well.

Remedies for cures:
- Star #7 is metal element therefore you can make use of water element to reduce the effect like blue, black or gray in decorations
- Do not use fire element such as candle or bright lights or earth element to enhance the effect
- Avoid having metal windchime and secure windows and doors to avoid burglary

Star #8 (Earth Element) - South-East to center palace in 2019. This Star brings wealth and fortune this year and good to activate it. If your front door is located here, then you can expect good fortune and wealth to flow in your way. What you need to do will be activating this sector that helps you to bring in enormous wealth luck and promoting career advancement or business wealth. Tapping into business opportunities for wealth, fame and financial gains. With all the positive energy, you will have the attributes of good fortune, wealth for business or career advancement.

You can activate this sector but remember to use metal element as it will drain the earth element.

Are you looking for relationship or romance? If yes then you can tap this sector using Mandarin ducks or Double Happiness for activation. It is good to pay a little more attention with regards to your health as you might neglect it with the abundance of wealth you can achieve while working hard. Using a 3 legged frog in this sector can help to bring in good fortune and wealth. Fire element can help to boost your wealth and fortune.

Star #9 (Fire Element) - Center to North-West palace in 2019. North-West has the metal element which will help to deplete the fire element of Star 9 thus balancing the effect. As Tai Sui is now located in this area, therefore it will be important to balance the effect in this sector. Since Grand Duke is in this sector, it will be best not to perform any renovation or loud noises as it will aggravate it. This represent your future wealth Star #9 which will move to North-West palace. In order to gain future wealth and fortune, you tap this sector through financial investment of stocks or real estate. Your opportunities of gaining abundance wealth and fortune in future life. Or if you are still studying, then you will gain higher academic results. Star #9 prepares you with benefits of all good fortune and achievement from the hard work that you had created in the past and reap the fortune and wealth later part of life. Planting your seeds now and reaping your fortune in the future to come. This will be a good sector to pursue your career or education as it will help your success. Being the element of Fire, you can use wood element to enhance its effect to activate this area. One thing to take note as not to have water element since it will reduce the effect of Star #9. Healthy plants and flowers will help to enhance it here. Remember to activate this Star 9 as you want to have a great life at old age with wealth and good fortune. It is time to tap this Star and build a bright future ahead.