Feng Shui Concept

Feng Shui - North-West Sector

The Trigram for North-west is Chien and the Lo-Shu Number is 6. The corresponding element is Metal.

When discussing about the benefits of Feng Shui, we are referring to creating accumulative positive energy and eliminating the negative energy or 'Sha Chi'. The standard requirement of achieving positive energy, one has to ensure the area of wealth to be clean and tidy without unnecessary obstructions.

The trigram Chien denotes the patriarch (Father) - metal and it signifies creativity and networking corner of your home and/or office and relates to the colour of White. Activating the northwest corner of your office with gold, silver or white objects will attract mentors and influential people. Placing 3 old coins tied with a red string on your phone, computer, cheque books, etc will attract opportunities and enhance the financial outcome. To attract wealth, simply place gold ingot on your office table.

Remember not to sit your back against the windows as it signifies lack of support. But if it is not possible then putting a screen behind or hanging a picture of mountains to represent support. Your business signboard is very important and always have it brightly lit during the night to attract good fortune throughout the entire day.

Burning white or gold candle will energize the metal element and stimulate energy to inspire your goals in life. Having an amethyst crystal in this sector will help to prevent disagreement with colleagues and to activate positive and supportive feelings in the office.

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