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Feng Shui - 9 Sectors Flying Star Chart

It is basically comprising of 3 x 3 square grid as shown. This square grid will be used for the formation of the Flying Star Chart. It starts with an empty square grid and we will be filling in the Square ( known as the palace ) with 3 sets of numbers ( refers to the Flying Stars ). Upon completion of this square grid, it will be used to superimpose this grid onto your house or building to analyze it. The construction of each square palace will be used to show the location of the flying star onto your house that is going to have the effect. These numbers or stars are the

representation of the trigrams of the I Ching. Before the computation of the Star Chart, you have to determine the period when your house was built. Without this information, the computation of the star numerals not done correctly can lead to dire consequences. For example that your house was built on 1980 that makes it a Period 6 house or if your house was built on 1990 then it will be Period 7. To refresh, the nine square grid are known as palace and the numbers that are going to be written in the palace will be stars. It is important to know which Period your house was built to compute accurate analysis.

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