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Feng Shui - Discussion About East Sector

The Trigram for East is CHEN and the Lo-Shu Number is 3. The corresponding element is WOOD.

When discussing about the benefits of Feng Shui, we are referring to creating accumulative positive energy and eliminating the negative energy or 'Sha Chi'. The standard requirement of achieving positive energy, one has to ensure the area of health to be clean and tidy without unnecessary obstructions.

The trigram Chen denotes the eldest son - big wood and it signifies the family relationships and health. The idea for a healthy living will lies on keeping your house clean, organized and neat to attract all positive & healthy 'chi' into your space. This energy in your house needs to be free-flowing and smooth like the wind. It is wise to keep your home and workplace in good & functioning condition. Prevention is better than cure and ensure you replace or repair broken furniture, peeling paint, cracked walls or ceilings, leaky faucets and windows are in good condition.

Wu Lu Gourd is symbolized for good health, longevity and peace in your daily life. Put it in the east sector of your work place will enhance your health condition. Using a candle burning in the east sector will help to energize the healing energy creating the calm serenity atmosphere. Always remember that you must eliminate all clutter accumulating in this sector to promote good health. Therefore, you need to discard unwanted stuff to avoid accumulation.

If east sector is located in your bedroom then it is wise to ensure you do not work with computer or electronic equipment here. It is very important to keep this place tidy and neat with simple décor in order to generate and healing during sleep for health sake.

In bedroom, it is yin and therefore you must not create too much yang like having a TV set in the room or water fountain. Avoid too much activity in the bedroom and it helps to generate better healing and energizing good energy for your health.

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