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Feng Shui Flying Stars - Facing direction

Earlier we have mentioned about the forward and reverse order of sequences. Filling up the Siang Sin Star and the Chor Sin Star will not be straightforward as the Main Star. One or both of the Siang Sin / Chor Sin series may move in reverse direction.

Therefore it is very important to know your Siang Sin (facing) direction as shown by the compass. Earlier we have divided the world by eight directional sectors (N,NE,E,SE,etc) - i.e. 45 degree a sector. Refining a little more, we now divide the world into 24 sectors instead of 8 sectors. Therefore each sector will be 15 degree wide, so knowing the exact compass reading is critical for the Siang Sin (facing) direction.

So we are going to divide each of the 8 sectors into 3 sections. Now the South will have an Early 15 degree section, a Middle 15 degree section and a Late 15 degree section. All the rest of the compass directions will also be split in the manner. The below chart will show you the facing direction for each sector.

Siang Sin Direction Early Middle Late
South (S) 157.5 to 172.5 172.5 to 187.5 187.5 to 202.5
Southwest (SW) 202.5 to 217.5 217.5 to 232.5 232.5 to 247.5
West (W) 247.5 to 262.5 262.5 to 277.5 277.5 to 292.5
Northwest (NW) 292.5 to 307.5 307.5 to 322.5 322.5 to 337.5
North (N) 337.5 to 352.5 352.5 to 7.5 7.5 to 22.5
Northeast (NE) 22.5 to 37.5 37.5 to 52.5 52.5 to 67.5
East (E) 67.5 to 82.5 82.5 to 97.5 97.5 to 112.5
Southeast (SE) 112.5 to 127.5 127.5 to 142.5 142.5 to 157.5

Make a note of the Siang Sin (facing) Direction whether it is Early, Middle or Late. Taking our example of the facing direction as 222 degree, that will be Middle part of Southwest. Though we will be working on the Siang Sin (facing) and Chor Sin (Mountain) Series separately, they will use the same Early, Middle and Late sectors.

We will call both the Siang Sin and Chor Sin Series for the center palace as Base Star. When working with the Siang Sin series, the Base Star will refer to the Siang Sin (Facing) Star in the center palace. So when we are working with the Chor Sin series, the Base Star will refer to the Chor Sin (Mountain) star in the center palace.

We are going to use the odd number or even number of the Base Star in the central palace to figure out which direction the Series moves - unless the Base Star is a 5. This is very important! If your Base Star is 5, use the Main Star instead. In the example chart that we are slowly building, the Base Star for neither Series is a 5, so the rule doesn't apply in this case. But if either were a 5, we would use a 7 for this step, because that is the Main Star (the Main Star in the central palace). We wouldn't erase the 5 from the central palace - it would still be the Base Star (Siang Sin or Chor Sin, whichever applies) - but we would use the Main Star for figuring out which direction the Series moves. Remember, though, that this only applies to a Siang Sin or Chor Sin Star of 5. For all the other stars, just use whatever number they happen to be.

Refer back as whether your Siang Sin Degree was Early, Middle, or Late, and check the odd or even of the Base Star (or Main Star if the Base Star is a 5) against the following chart.

Odd or Even Early Middle Late
Odd Forward Reverse Reverse
Even Reverse Forward Forward
With the above chart, you will know which direction the Series goes.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Remember this chart we have shown earlier in Figure 1. We will refer to this chart to complete the rest of the series. From the example chart, we will begin with the Chor Sin Series. You can see the Chor Sin Star in the center palace is a 1 and my facing degree of 222 is Middle. 1 is odd and checking the Odd row against the Middle column, you will see that this series moves Reverse. The 1 is already in position "A" in our grid, so I continue the pattern, counting reverse from 9 goes in "B", 8 goes in "C", 7 in "D", etc. The complete Chor Sin Series is shown in Figure 2. Next step is to do the Siang Sin Series and using the same set of rules for the Chor Sin Series. With that, the Flying Star grid will be completed.

The Siang Sin Star is 4 and the Siang Sin Degree is Middle. 4 is even therefore checking the Even row of the table under the Middle Column, we find that this series moves Forward direction. Using the Figure 1 grid as a guide, we fill up the rest of the Siang Sin Series with forward counting. The 4 is already in the "A" position, so we put the 5 into "B", 6 into "C", 7 into "D" , and so forth. Finally the Flying Star chart is completed as shown in Figure 3.

Next lesson is the summary of flying star chart

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