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Feng Shui - Flying Stars Summary

Conclusion Of Nine Flying Star Chart

Here is to summarize up the lesson to do your Flying Star Chart.

* Know your year when the house was built

* Obtain the Siang Sin (Facing) Degree

* With the year of the house built, check the Period

* Put down the Period into the Main Star section of the center palace and complete the rest of the series counting forward in numerical order

* Check which palace is the Siang Sin (facing) Palace and the opposite will be the Chor Sin (Mountain) Palace. The Main Star in the Siang Sin (facing) Palace is the Siang Sin Star in the center palace. The Main Star in the Chor Sin (Mountain) Palace is the Chor Sin Star in the center palace.

* Record the Stars in the Center Palace.

* Check the direction of each series movement and record them into the grid according to the pattern.

That's all. Now you can make use of the Flying Star Chart Calculator to confirm if you have done the correct steps of plotting the chart - Flying Star Chart Calculator

If you are interested to know the application of Flying Star, look out for our future issue to explore how you can interpret the Flying Star Chart.

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