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Feng Shui Flying Stars - Siang Sin Stars

Siang Sin Star (S) sometimes known as Facing Series is the right side of the Main Number. The number of the siang sin star in the center is the corresponding sector where the main door is located. The siang sin star or facing direction of your house usually refers to the main door located in the Southwest, and the number of the Southwest is 4. Sometimes the direction for facing refers to the most 'yang' coming into your house. This facing direction is brighter or more active will be the siang sin star (S). Generally, the facing direction is the direction where you will look out standing at your front door. But this may not be true if another location has lots of windows that is brighter with more activity (yang) will then be the facing direction.

This is one of the reason that cause a lot of confusion. For siang sin star, there isn't any hard and fast rules when comes to applying the facing direction. Choose the direction that is more active than the other for the siang sin star.

How does one measure the siang sin star direction?

You can see the traditional Feng Shui practitioners using a tool called a Luo Pan to check the direction. The Luo Pan comes with a large discs full of concentric circles and literally covered with Chinese characters, trigrams, pictures of some real-star constellations. What you need is just a good compass with the rotating dial to read the exact degree for the facing direction. You can take a couple of readings from your main door i.e. 4 feet from the door, 8 feet from the door and 12 feet from the door. If the reading varies too much, it means that your location might have a substantial quantity of metal causing the variation. Next is to check out the following chart and figure out which direction that number from the reading you have taken.

Compass Degree Direction
337.5 to 22.5 North (N)
22.5 to 67.5 Northeast (NE)
67.5 to 112.5 East (E)
112.5 to 157.5 Southeast (SE)
157.5 to 202.5 South (S)
202.5 to 247.5 Southwest (SW)
247.5 to 292.5 West (W)
292.5 to 337.5 Northwest (NW)

Check the degree of your facing direction and look into the palace for the Main Star that matches it. That Main Star will be your facing star (siang sin star) and you will write it down in the center of the palace replacing the S. That palace will be your facing / siang sin star direction. The palace directly opposite is your chor sin palace (or mountain palace) sometimes also known as sitting palace. Check the Main Star occupying that location. That Main Star will be your Mountain Star to be placed in the center palace replacing the C.

In the example chart (Figure 1 & Figure 2), we take the facing degree as 222. That is Southwest. Take a look at the map with the Main Star, the Southwest palace for the Main Star is Number 4. Copy this Number 4 into the center palace to replace S position shown. Then looking the opposite direction, which is the Northeast palace and the Main Star is Number 1. Copy this Number 1 into the center palace to replace C position shown. Now if my facing is South instead of Southwest, my Siang Sin Star will be Number 2 and the Chor Sin Star is Number 3. If my facing is East, my Siang Sin Star is Number 5 and the Chor Sin Star is Number 9. As you can see, my facing direction is Southwest, Number 4 is copied into the S position and Number 1 is copied into C position in Figure 2. Something to note is that the Siang Sin Star and the Chor Sin Star will never match the Main Star in the center. The reason is obviously due to the stars are taken from the surrounding palaces instead of the center. We will take a look to fill up the rest of the grids in the next lesson.

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