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Feng Shui Flying Stars 2021 - Yin Metal Ox Cures

We welcome the year of the Metal Ox 2021 Feng Shui Flying Stars (according to Hsia Calendar on solar year 2021). Looking at the Hsia calendar for the solar year of Li Chun (Spring - 立春), we know that Yin Metal Ox Flying Stars Feng Shui will start on 4th February 2021 and everyone should be prepared with all necessary cures and preventions to welcome its arrival. As you know that we should be equipped with preparations to help the reduction of the negative impacts that come from those bad Stars like illness Star 2, quarrelsome Star 3, 5 Yellow, Violent Star 7, Tai Sui and Sui Po before they cause any harms or dangers to us and our families. Just remember that what you are preparing ahead will assist you with good health, wealth, career, relationship and others as we enter into the year 2021 for Yin Metal Ox. We shall take a dive at the 9 Square Lo Shu table on the trigram grid to put in place the necessary cures and remedies to reduce the negative effects in 2021.

2021 Yin Metal Ox Feng Shui Flying Stars Charts

Star #1 (Water Element) - Move to South in year 2021. Star #1 water element - place some form of metal element cure to enhance the Star 1 element as to give it a boost effect. In doing so, it will help you to achieve the effect of career, money investment, business, education and relationship with positive outlook. Avoid anything that signifies FIRE element in this area as it will further reduce the positive impact of Star 1. Best cure will be having metal objects as well as anything relating to water like blue, blacks, grey or charcoal to boost this Star 1 energy. If bedroom, use brass Wulou at your headside for cure. Use blue or black color to represent water can help to ease the effect at South corner.

Important note: Avoid ar all cosr to use anything in relation to FIRE in this area. Alternatively, try using blue or water colors as well as metal element to increase wealth and prosperity.

Star #2 (Earth Element) - Now located in the North for 2021. As you are aware that Star 2 relates to sickness or illness, this simply means one should be avoiding to use this location if it is possible to avoid. The bad effect of Star 2 in North will make things worst if you have your bedroom in this sector. What is important will be that you should avoid any activities or making too much noise that will activate Star 2 to cause sickness, illness, diseases, stress and dangers to those in this area. What you need to do will be applying all the necessary cures to suppress the dangers of Star 2. Application of the Salt water cure as well as round metal bowl can help to reduce the bad effects. If your bedroom is located here, using the brass Wulou and metal ingot will be the cure of suppressing Star 2. Since Fire element will enhance the bad effect of Star 2, therefore you must total avoid having Fire like candles, red colors or triangular shapes items signifying Fire in this corner. Place 6 chinese coins with red ribbon will be able to reduce some bad effects of Star 2. Try not to create unnecessary noises as it will activate Star 2. Remember to put these cures as you will be glad that you can avert illness or sickness that can befall onto you for no reason.

As we know that Star #2 is earth element, so by using the metal element will help to drain the effect of Star #2. Using brass wulou, singing metal bowl or 6 metal rod windchime can help to suppress the effect. When you are having your bedroom here, it will be best to relocate another room and if not then apply the cures. You can try using colors like gold, white or silver for table cloth, floor mat, carpets, cushions, etc.Lastly, Never to disturb this area as to not activating the effect of Star #2.

Star #3 (Wood Element) - It moves to South-West in 2021. Star #3 is well-known as the Quarelsome star. Since this sector will not be good effect, our advice will be stay away whenever it is possible. This means not to create unnecessary loud noises or doing any hammering or renovation in this area. Otherwise, you will be likely to face the negative impacts of quarrels, assaults and legal matters with friends, relatives and colleagues. If you want to have peace in 2020, then you will never want to mess with Star 3. Avoidance is always the safest way to prevent any harms or disasters.

Best to avoid at all cost to have water feature or metal element here as it will activate the bad Star 3 and further enhance the negative effects. In order to suppress this effect, it will be best to introduce Fire element since it will deplete the wood element of Star 3. So you can introduce candle lights, red lights or any other items that signifies Fire in this area. Never introduce water element since it will activate the Star 3 (wood element) and causing arguments, wealth issues, divorce and legal problems for you and your family.

Star #4 (Wood Element) - Move to location East in 2021. This is a good Star where you want to activate as it is related to education and romance in life. This means you will be able to have a good future gains from your education and enjoy all the benefits in your life with a good career or business. Since Star 4 is wood element, you can use the water element to activate since water produces wood in the productive cycle. With that said in mind, you must avoid at all cost to use Fire element in this sector since Fire will destroy or deplete the wood element which will have a negative effect on the Star 4. So there will be no using of red candle lights, red clothing or even metal element that will destroys Star 4. Instead you can utilize blue or black colors for your flooring mats, table cloths, pillow covers and others relating to water element. For those who are looking for relationship, best to activate by using the Double Happiness or Mandarin Ducks as it will increase your chances of finding your other partner in life.

To conclude for Star 4, this is an area where you can truly benefits in terms of career, relationship as well as education with the right activation. We know that water element can be used to activate this corner so as to increase the positive effects for romance, career advancement, education success including intellectual development of wisdom. You can have some green plants to further enhance Star 4 for this sector.

Star #5 (Earth Element) - Land in the South-East area palace. As you know that Star 5 is one of the worst star out of the other 8 stars for the 9 grid Lo Shu table. As we always advice yearly about leaving this sector alone whenever possible. It simply means that you try your very best as not to disturb this area whenever you can do so. This means no digging, renovation or creating loud noises during this period. We all know that Star 5 is related to Sickness/Misfortune Star that is being feared by many people who know about it. The resultant of this effect can actually bring disasters of total destruction and mishaps to anyone who try to defy this negative star. So if you wish to avoid encountering accidents, financial losses, illness, sickness, mishaps to yourself and family members, please do not activate this palace otherwise you will regret the consequences of 5 Yellow.

For those who are unable to leave this palace alone, then you will need to prepare yourself with all these cures and preventions in order to subdue the effects of the negative impacts occurring. As you know that Star 5 is an earth element, you can utilize the metal element to help and deplete the energy of the earth element. So it simply means that you can use metal to drain the bad effects and keeping it in control so as to reduce the bad effects that Star 5 is causing. On the other hand, you should never use Fire element in this area as it will increase the negative effect of Star 5 and cause havoc in your life.

Let us see the summary of how to use cures to subdue the harmfulness of Star 5 effects:
- Using the salt water cure method
- Apply 6 metal rod wind chime
- Place Brass Wu Lou
- Utilizing metal that comes in round shape formation decoration
- Never to create loud noises like renovation, hammering or digging the ground
- Never to use fire color or objects as it will be activated to cause harms

Our final word uf advice: NEVER disturb this corner if you do not want to have financial losses, robbery, arguments, heated disputes, family discord, misfortune, lawsuits, illnesses, fatal accidents, disharmony and legal problems issues. Remember DO NOT take this lightly as it definitely can have the amplification of misfortune and disaster for your whole family with Star #5.

Star #6 (Metal Element) - Center palace for 2021. You can totally benefit the use of this Star 6 (Benevolent or Recognition Star) as it can help you with finance, career and fortune. This will be the Star that will bring your reputation to its highest recognition to anyone who get to know you. This means that when you activate this Star 6, you will gain its help to achieve your fortune, career promotion, business, educational studies and leadership.

Tapping in the earth element will be able to enhance your good chance of achieving good business or career recognition in your life. Using blue colors will be an added advantage to use with Star 6 but never implement any Fire element as this will in turn drain your good fortune. In order to boost the metal element of Star 6, you can introduce the earth element since the productive cycle will be earth produces metal therefore it will enhance the Star 6 element. Using crystals as the earth element will be one way to help increasing your fortune and wealth for this palace.

Star #7 (Metal Element) - Reside in North-West palace. We all know the dangers that lurks around Star 7 as it project the negative effects of robbery, family disharmony, burglary, gossip, violence attack and fraud. If this Star 7 is activated, it simply means that you will likely to encounter bad luck, arguments, backstabbing and loss of wealth in your business. Star 7 has the metal element and you should know that never to use any form of metallic objects since it will help to activate all the bad negative Qi and it is worst since it is now residing in the center of the house.

Should your office is located in the center, you will need to take extra care to check and read any fine print before making your signature for orders, receipts or contracts otherwise you may ended up loss of wealth. When the front door is located in this palace, then it will be best that you include some form of security measures as to avoid any theft or burglary from happening. Remember to always check and confirm that all doors and windows are secured in this area before leaving home or while taking your nap.

Some forms of cures:
- Star #7 is metal element therefore you can make use of water element to reduce the effect like blue, black or gray in decorations
- Do not use fire element such as candle or bright lights or earth element to enhance the effect
- Avoid having metal windchime and secure windows and doors to avoid burglary

Star #8 (Earth Element) - Locate in West palace in 2021. One of the best Star to activate to enjoy good fortune and wealth in 2021. Here is a good opportunity to activate this Star 8 and gaining the best benefits of wealth and good fortune. Having your front door located here will be ideal as you can expect money flowing in your way as you use this door. You can activate this palace so that it will assist you to bring in enormous wealth luck and promoting career advancement or business wealth. Year 2020 for Star 8 will be the best opportunity to tap in as it provides you with business opportunities for wealth, fame and financial gains. Having all these positive energy in this palace, you can basically absorb all the attributes of good fortune, wealth for business or career advancement.

After you have carried out the activation of this sector, you must bear in mind as not to utilize any huge metal as it will deplete the good earth energy of Star 8.

If you are looking for some form of romance or relationship, then you can consider to use either Double Happiness or Mandarin Ducks to tap onto the Star 8 activation. Since this is a good Star that will help you financially and career, you should also pay a little more attention for your personal health as you do not want to neglect it for putting too much effort of achieving with hard work. You will need to balance between work and rest in fully gain the advantages. Additional help to further enhance your good fortune and wealth will be placing a 3 legged frog in this palace.

Star #9 (Fire Element) - North-East palace in 2021. Star 9 is your future star that can benefit every generation if activate correctly. When you tap into Star 9 with financial investment of stocks or real estate, you will be able to gain that future wealth you created. This is the palace that you want to make your investment of gaining additional wealth and fortune in future life. For those who are still under the roof of education, it will allow you to gain higher academic results. This is the Star that prepares you to ripe your profits and gains with the hard work that you have planted in the past and gaining all the fortune and wealth at the later part of your life. This is simplier to a farmer who started planting the seeds on the ground and when the time comes for harvesting, the farmer reaps its profit from the harvest. Activating this palace will mean that you have planted your seeds and later part of your life, you will reap your fortune. Since Star 9 is Fire element, remember to avoid too much water element as it will deplete your fortune. It will be a great place to have healthy plants and flowers to enhance Star 9. It is time to activate this Star 9 and later part of your life, you can gain great wealth and fortune. Start planting your seeds today at this palace for a brighter future in life.