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We will be celebrating the Lunar Chinese New Year on 16th of February 2018. Feng Shui preparation will be done based on Hsia Calendar which starts on 4th of February 2018 for Yang Earth Dog. Therefore, you will need to prepare all the necessary precautions and cures for that day itself that falls on Li Chun (Spring - 立春) day. You will need to note those critical areas like the 3 Killings (322.5-37.5), Tai Sui (292.5-307.5), Robbery Star, illness Star, etc. Place all the necessary cures and remember not the activate those areas, best of all will be leaving it alone without disturbances. No noise or renovation on these areas if possible. It is better to take preventive measures before it happens. Let us get started.

Arm with these informations where the unfavorable sectors and afflications of bad stars in 2018 will be a step ahead of curing them before it happens onto you or your family members. Remember to make the right applications of cures to remedy the situations before disasters happening. The most basic and yet effective way will be leaving those bad stars and areas alone without creating any activities will help you alot. At the same time, activating the good stars will give you the additional edge of promoting wealth and health. At any time when you are in doubt, it will be best to leave it alone. Better not doing the wrong thing of activating bad stars and causing havoc instead.

Here are the Stars that you must be wary of - Illness Star 2, Quarelsome Star 3, Yellow Star 5 and Violent Star 7. In addition to those Stars, it is a good idea to get cures for Grand Duke (known as Tai Sui) that resides at North-West (292.5-307.5). Using the Salt water cure is always the best option for Tai Sui to control the effect. Remember to dispose the old existing cure like the salt water, bowl and 7 coins while using a new set of cure. Please take note that you need to replace water and salt when the salt is less than 3/4 of the bowl or water evaporated. The Illness Star #2 is now reside at West while the Quarrelsome Star #3 now in North-East. The dangerous 5 Yellow Star moves to North while the Violent Star #7 is in East. You may have encountered or experience the effects of all those bad stars, therefore it is best to equip yourself this time round with the advanced preparation and cures in 2018 so to avert any disasters and obstacles that will hinder your way.

Here is the recap of all the Good and Bad Stars for 2018 flying stars Yang Earth Dog:

1. Authority Star 1 - North-West
2. illness Star 2 - West
3. Quarrelsome Star 3 - North-East
4. Relationship Star 4 - South
5. 5 Yellow Star - North
6. Wealth Star 6 - South-West
7. Violent Star 7 - East<
8. Lucky Star 8 - South-East
9. Future Star 9 - Center

As usual, it is always vital to keep tab on all the bad effects of bad stars. Extra precaution measures especially for 5 Yellow, 3 Killings and Tai Sui (sitting back against for support) to welcome good luck and well-being as you venture through 2018. Just a reminder again, the most basic thumb rule is always leave bad stars alone otherwise you will be creating havoc by disturbing these areas. This will help you to move smoothly through the year of Yang Earth Dog 2018 with Feng Shui help.

2018 Flying Stars Yang Earth Dog Charts

* IMPORTANT * Best way to avert disaster for Feng Shui 2018 Flying Stars Yang Earth Dog by using cures and preventive measures against disasters!

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