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Feng Shui 2013 Water Snake Flying Stars Chart Cures

2013 Feng Shui Flying Stars begins at approximately after midnight on 4th February that marks the end of Yang Water Dragon and the beginning of Yin Water Snake 2013. Please note that it does not fall on the 10th of February 2013 for the Lunar Chinese New Year as Flying Stars Feng Shui using the Hsia Calendar for Li Chun (spring) to begin a new year. We will outline all the neccesary basic cures and preventive measures that you can make so that it will ensure another smooth riding year ahead with Yin Water Snake 2013. Kindly note that all these preventive measures are necessary to help you avert any disasters or harms that may befall on your family members including yourself during year 2012. We hope to help you with the right tools and avert all obstacles in 2013 so that you and your family can lead a happy and prosperous Yin Water Snake new year 2013. Check out our 9 Lo Shu Square Trigram Grid to understand different sectors location where you are required to place the neccesary cures and preventive measures to be taken into consideration.

Let us begin by looking into the Feng Shui Flying Stars 2013 monthly Lo Shu Square of Yin Water Snake below:

Monthly Flying Stars Yin Water Snake 2013 Charts

4th Feb - 5th March 2013

6th Feb - 4th April 2013

5th April - 5th May 2013

6th May - 5th June 2013

6th June - 6th July 2013

7th July - 7th August 2013

8th August - 7th September 2013

8th September - 7th October 2013

8th October - 6th November 2013

7th November - 6th December 2013

7th December - 5th January 2014

6th January - 3th February 2014

Star #1 (Water Element) - Located in the North Sector. It is represented as the Authority Star. Activating this Star will benefit your career, wealth, business, new opportunities, gains in financial investments, academic success advancement. You will begin to experience success in business or career without worrying about your competitors as you will hold the victory card. North has the water energy and when Star #1 with water element occupies this sector, it will double the effect and having the right tools of activation, you will benefit a great deal. Making use of the Yang energy in this sector will help to promote positive Qi environment to gain benefits of career, education, business while overcoming any obstacles ahead.

With the right application of triggering this sector, you will definitely gain the advantages of romance or better relationship other than improvement of financial status, education or opportunities in career. Colors combination should refers to relationship with water element such as blue, gray or black for bedroom and using these colors for bedding, pillow covers, bedsheets, etc will be ideal. It will definitely be best to avoid colors relating to fire as the cycle is fire will deplete water like red, orange, pink or purple as it will create adverse effects. If Star 1 located in bedroom, care must be taken in relationship as there is a possible of having extra marital relationships. A brass Wu Lou should be placed on the headside of the bed for health matter. If it is located at your office then keeping the door opens will allow business opportunities to flourish and career advancement.

Activation in this corner will result in enhancement of promotion, career, academic achievement, romance and financial wealth. In order to achieve your education recognition, place objects like abacus, calculator, calligraphy set, canvas, brushes will be an enhancer. Never have any sharp pointed objects as well as anything relating to fire like the color of red to be in this sector. Placing the Word Xi (Happiness) or using Mandarin Ducks will increase better relationship with family members as well as friends and colleagues.

Star #2 (Earth Element) - Located in the South-West Sector. Star #2 refers to illness Star that will affect this sector causing illnesses or sickness and sometimes even death will result if cures are not being used. If your main door is located in South-West, it will likely cause the people in the house to expose themselves in weakness of sickness or falling ill. As a preventive measure, it will be advisable to use 6-Rod Wind Chimes or Brass Wu Lou to suppress this illness Star #2. You can place 6 chinese coins in this sector to harmonize Star #2 and reduce the effect. Another method to rectify this problem, you can use the salt water cure method.

This combination of Earth Element with the earth energy in South-West making matter worst than ever as it doubles the effect which is bad for people staying in this sector. Should your bedroom or office located here, if possible to relocate away from this area otherwise you will need to have the cures ready to reduce the root of problems occuring at this sector. Best thing to remember is avoid any activities of renovations, digging or noisy work as it requires to be as quiet as possible.

As this Star affects health & wealth, it will likely to cause problems or issues like diseases, back stabbing, gossiping, illnesses, sickness, distress, bad luck and bad relationship. Utilizing the cure like 6-coins tied with red ribbon with round metal bowl will help to remove the negative effects in this sector. Be sure to remove any sign of fire element like triangular shape or sharp pointing edges objects that signifies fire. Colors or items like red, candle burning or red triangles should be avoided here. Solution to colors will be introducing silver, gold, white or copper to items of table cloth, cushions, floor mat, carpets, etc will help to reduce the effect of negative energy from the illness Star.

Avoid having loud noisy activities like renovation or digging as it will activate the illness Star therefore it is best to be as quiet as possible. For bedroom in North corner, you can apply using brass Wu Lou to help reduce the negative effect of this illness Star for better health.

Star #3 (Wood Element) - Located in the East Sector. Star #3 is the Quarrelsome Star in the East corner where it is the wood energy corner which may likely result in quarrels, fights, thefts, legal issues, financial losses, assaults and even law suits among friends, relatives and family members. Since it is double wood in the corner, it will cause theft, arguments, disputes, hot tempers, loss of wealth and legal problems should this sector be at the main door or bedroom. It is likely to create stress and agitation that will affect relationship between husbands and wives with this Quarrelsome energy Star. As we can see that it can cause alot of disharmony and hostilities among family members, friends, relatives and colleagues, therefore the best choice will be to avoid activation in this sector.

It is advisable to have this sector left alone without any activities of renovations or digging and not to activate this area. Cures to reduce the effect of Wood element will be utilizing color of red like red objects, lighted candles, red lights or lamps. Anything that can relates to the fire element using of table cloth, floor mat, cushion covers, pillow covers, etc will help to reduce the effect of this negative energy. Importantly to note that Metal Element should be avoided as it will enhance the effect of wood element since metal produces water and water will enhance the wood element thus boosting the negative energy influence.

Water and wood element should not be placed in this sector to avoid enhancing the negative effect influencing the Quarrelsome Star. This means no water feature is to be placed here as it will be a disaster to enhance this effect. A simple use of RED color items in the East sector helps to control the influence of the Star #3. Remove metal Windchime in this sector to avoid aggravating the Quarrelsome Star to cause quarrels, robbery, arguments, disputes, loss tempers, loss financial wealth, divorce and legal issues, theft and dispute problems. If your office is located here, you will need to take extra care when signing any contracts or business projects. No noisy activities like renovation, digging, loud music, TV, hi-fi, etc in this area. An add inclusion to avoid gossip, loss of wealth or legal matters, you can put the Fu Lou Shou at this area.

To summarize this sector, you need to avoid having water or wood element instead putting fire element will help to reduce this effect. So, you can add a light representing fire or color of red. No metal windchime or noise activities otherwise you will bear the consequences. For business, please be advice to check carefully before signing contracts or agreements. If main door located here, ensure that you lock it securely.

Star #4 (Wood Element) - Located in the South-East Sector. Star #4 is a Relationhip / Romancing / Education Star in the South-East area where it combines with the Wood energy. What it requires will be having the water element to enhance / activate this sector to provide a romantic affairs or academic success. If you are looking for relationship or romantic affairs then utilizing the double happiness symbol or the Mandarin Ducks will definitely help to ignite this effect. For academic achievement, you will require to use the Wen Chang Pagoda to activate studies in order to excel in academic examination as it will boost your intellectual academic results.

Once you have activated South-East sector corner, it will help with academic achievement, healthy romance, intellectual wisdom, promotion in career, inventive thinking and self development. As this sector is wood star, always remember not to use fire or metal object/color since it will be destructive to wood element. Just introducing colors relating to water element like colors of blue or black for items like tablecloth, floor mats, pillow covers, cushion covers, etc in this area. For those who have their offices in this area, it is definitely be a place to sign contracts or projects as it has a positive effects from Star #4. There will be lots of travelling experiences for those who have their main doors in this area.

Use this area often if you are looking for academic success or a romantic affairs. Planting with flowers of green or blue in colors will be ideal to enhance the positive energy moving in this area. Avoid placing metal windchime or fire decoration in this sector as it will deplete the positive energy for romance, love, intellectual wisdom, self development, inventive thinking or academic pursuits. For romance, placing loving couple's photo, double happiness or Mandarin Ducks will help to activate romantic relationship or love affairs.

Unfortunately, this area is where Tai Sui (Grand Duke (Tai Sui)) resides between 142.5 - 157.5 degrees southeast in 2013 and therefore you will need a 6-rod metal windchime to suppress this effect. Remember that you are NOT to face within this 15 degrees otherwise you will definitely encounter obstacles, financial losses, demotion in career and business failure. Best of all will be having your back facing Tai Sui (Grand Duke) as you will gain the support instead.

Cures and measures that you will require to take serious note are:
- Place salt water cure method
- Using 6 metal rod wind chime
- Wu Lou
- Avoid loud noises like renovation, hammering or digging the ground
- Avoid using fire color or objects
- Sit with your back facing the Grand Duke instead of confronting Tai Sui
- 3 Pi Yao facing within the 15 degrees ( 142.5 ? 157.5 degrees)

One last word of reminder, NEVER disturb this corner if you do not want to have financial losses, robbery, arguments, heated disputes, family discord, misfortune, lawsuits, illnesses, fatal accidents, disharmony and legal problems issues. Remember DO NOT take this lightly as it definitely can have the amplification of misfortune and disaster for your whole family with Grand Duke's effect.

Star #5 (Earth Element) - Located in the Center Sector. Star #5 Yellow is the Sickness / Misfortune Star in the Center area. It is the most feared Star as it purposes is to bring disasters of bad luck and ill fortune to everyone in this sector. 5 Yellow is feared to bring poverty, accidents, financial losses, mishaps, illness and loss in wealth when activated or disturb as it contains totally negative energy source.

In order to control this outburst, you can use the 6-Rod Metal Windchime together with the 5 elements Pagoda to eliminate the negative energy effect. Using the metal element cure can help to reduce the negative energy emitting by the 5 Yellow. Remember never to do any renovation or digging during this period as you may aggravate this malicious star that can easily bring you bad luck and disaster.

The best cure to control both the 5 Yellow will be utilizing the Salt Water together with the 6-chinese coins tied in red ribbon. Best to include additional cures like brass Wu Lou (health issue), 6-rod Metal Windchime and round metal bowl to ease the negative energy effect that is caused by both 5 Yellow. Best advice is Never to do any renovation or digging in this area until the next year as to avoid aggravating this sector. Another important thing to note is that Fire element should be avoided in this area as it will enhance the effect of 5 Yellow.

Colors to be used will be gold, silver or white for all items in this area like floor mats, cushion covers, pillow covers, mattress covers, tablecloth, etc.

Summarizing the cures to be taken for 5 Yellow are:
- Place salt water cure method
- Using 6 metal rod wind chime
- Wu Lou
- Any sort of metal round shape formation decoration
- Avoid loud noises like renovation, hammering or digging the ground
- Avoid using fire color or objects

One last word of reminder, NEVER disturb this corner if you do not want to have financial losses, robbery, arguments, heated disputes, family discord, misfortune, lawsuits, illnesses, fatal accidents, disharmony and legal problems issues. Remember DO NOT take this lightly as it definitely can have the amplification of misfortune and disaster for your whole family with Star #5 effect.

Star #6 (Metal Element) - Located in the North-West in Lo Shu Square. Star #6 Chien White is Benevolent / Recognition Star is actually a favorable star that will assist you with recognition of higher achievement in life. When you are using your time in this location, it will bless you will lots of good luck and fortune as it helps you to accomplish in wealth, financial opportunities, career promotion, excel in business, good leadership and academic achievement.

This location of the bedroom requires cure for health. You can make use of the brass Wu Lou placed at the bed head to absorb the effect of the negative energy. Use blue, black decor in the bedroom as well to help reduce the negative Qi energy thus improve your health. A nice Quartz Crystal will definitely help to energize. Avoid Red colors/objects in this sector instead using blue or black (symbol of water) to generate good energy. Using water feature will energize luck in career promotion to benefit wealth and good fortune.

Star #7 (Metal Element) - Located in the West Sector. Star #7 relates to violent Star that will bring negative effect to create deceit, robbery, injuries, family disharmony, turbulence, burglary, fraud, gossip, violence, disputes, theft and assault. If your office is located here then it will have bad luck, backstabbing, arguments and loss of wealth including troublemakers of deceit. It becomes worst since the West sector has the metal energy to enhance the negative Qi energy.

Please remember to read any fine print before signing orders, receipts or contracts otherwise you may ended up loss of wealth. If your main door locates in this area, you must ensure that you add some sort of security systems and always remember to lock your door before going out otherwise you will risk of burglary, theft or robbery. Keep this area quiet and always remember to lock your door and windows closed. Remember to check your contracts before signing as it may be a reason for this Star to cause problems even though you may feel that they can be trusted. Please remember to read any fine print before signing orders or receipts otherwise you may ended up loss of wealth. If this location is in the kitchen, then always remember to switch off the stoves otherwise it may result in fire. Avoid using metal windchime. A word of precaution is that if your door or windows in this location, add security systems to prevent robbery or break-ins.

Summarizing the cures to be taken are:
- Utilizing the water element to reduce the effect like blue, black or gray in decorations as water drains the metal element
- Avoid fire element as it will enhance the effect so never to use candle or bright lights in this sector
- No metal windchime and secure all doors to avoid robbery

Star #8 (Earth Element) - Located in the North-East Sector. Star #8 is the Wealth Star that will help you in terms of prosperity. It helps to bring in wealth luck and abundance of good luck in career or business. You can activate this sector by using Crystals. Since this is a wealth star, having the main door at this location will bring great opportunities in financial gain of wealth and fortune. North-East has the earth energy this with this Star #8 of earth element, this will create the effect of wealth for 2013. Having main door locating in this area will bring you good fortune, wealth, fame and prestige. Having to activate this sector, it has all the positive attributes of good fortune and wealth that relates to your career or business.

If you desire for romance, the you may want to add the Mandarin Duck or Double Happiness in this sector to activate it. A warning to you as it is generating wealth in this sector that may likely to overwhelm you with health issue since you maybe likely turn out to be workaholic to gain wealth. You will need to take care of your health and using brass Wu Lou to help you with the health problem. The other thing you will need to remember is avoid using metal in this corner is it will deplete the good earth element of Star #8 and you will lose your wealth and prosperity. Fire element can be introduced as it will help with the Earth Element of Star #8 so you can use red colors for blankets, bedsheets, tablecloth, cushions and pillows. Create human activities and noise here will help to energize and activate wealth. Placing an amethyst crystal in the center will activate the wealth Star #8 and also using the 3 legged Money Frog helps to attract wealth and fortune.

Star #9 (Fire Element) - Located in the South Sector where it has the fire energy. Star #9 is future wealth star that will bring you good fortune through investment of stocks and real estate. It can help with fame and recognition in terms of reward for achievement in hard work for the past. If your office or main door locates in this sector then the possibility of career advancement and promotions are coming soon. It will also be good for academic or relationship. If you are pursuing your education then it will be the best area for you to study as you will generate good academic results. Placing healthy fresh plants and flowers will energize the Star #9 to bring in positive Chi thus enhancing the benevolent influence. As we know that Star #9 is the fire element annual star, therefore it is advisable not to have any water element like the color/objects of black, blue, water features. You can place happy family pictures or fresh flowers to create good vibe for increasing the benefits of Star #9.

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