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COVID-19 terminated by you alone

Yes! You alone can end COVID-19. How? Make sure you do social distancing while in public with your mask on. Other than that, isolate yourself as often as you can since it will prevent human to human transmission. That's how you alone can end it! It happens when everyone does the same thing worldwide. Isn't that a great way to battle against this deadly COVID-19 pandemic?

Realistically, this may just be a fantasy since it is nearly impossible to gracefully ask every human being in the entire world to cooperate since we can easily witness resistance from different people who have a different opinion or outlook about it. That's why it is so difficult to control this spreading even though we understand that when you put in your effort to do simple thing like social distancing in public or just isolating yourself to allow it to die off. It is always easier said than done since this message will never get into everyone's head to realize how easy this can be as long as we cooperate together as one human being.

Guess no one knows when this pandemic will end or how long will it lasts. But fortunately, we as one people can put a stop to prevent it from further human to human spreading as long as we stick to the rules of social distancing and isolation. We can presume it can take as long as one month the virus can remain on a human being and by cutting off any human contact, it will no longer be able to transmit human to human. This way of doing, we might be able to slowly end this pandemic. So, it requires the cooperation of every single soul in the entire world to do it together and at the same time. Yes! It has to be at the SAME time together so it will no longer be able to spread human to human.

Then those who are being infected to be quarantine and allowing them to recover from it. This will be one of the ways we can end COVID-19 pandemic! But then, it is not as easy as said since it will be hard as not all countries will abide to doing this due to their concerns of economy impact and other reasons they are facing. So, each country has to control their own crisis as how they can control and putting an end to it. As we see it, it is much better when every single country in the world creates the One Month's battle plan against the deadly virus so it will synchronize with the entire world to carry out this task. Then we will see the best result of controlling this pandemic. Again, this maybe an impossible task since it is hard to get every country to cooperate in this matter. That will simply means we have to look forward towards a vaccine cure which will not be any sooner since not every country is cooperative about sharing their research about it.

We really hope that this time the world leaders will learn the importance of full cooperation and sharing as to fight against this very dangerous pandemic. With the world's cooperation on research and sharing data, it will be sooner to get the vaccine cure. But we wonder if the vaccine cure will become a reality? Why? Researchers might simply put an end when there is no more funding or the virus spreading slow down and they do not see further need of doing so. There are many reasons for not producing the vaccine cure when situation changes. But we will all still be facing the danger of COVID-19 pandemic as long as there is no vaccine cure. Lifestyle and routine will be changed for the entire world. It will no longer be the same where you can freely roam the world without having fear of this virus that maybe around you at all times.

What can we do about it? Guess we only can continue taking preventive measures and precautions when we are in public. Social distancing and isolation will still be the best cure option at the moment. Here are some of the guidelines which will be appropriate to use as to help yourself against getting infected.

1. Washing your hands with soap often as to get rid of it on your hands.

2. Avoid touching your face like nose, mouth & eyes unless you have just washed your hands.

3. Isolation or quarantine together as a country at the same time to eliminate further spreading from human to human.

4. Wear masks if need to be in public and keep social distancing from others to avoid being infected.

5. If you have fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, please wear mask before consulting a doctor.

6. If need to cough or sneeze, use a tissue paper or your elbow to conceal it.

7. Download the contact tracing app in Singapore to eliminate unknown sources who maybe infected with COVID-19.

Help to keep people around you and your loved ones to be safe. Let us be just humans and not to point fingers and putting blame on each other even though we are from different races or cultures. Bottom line - we are humans! Respect each other and we can conquer this pandemic together!

End Of COVID-19

How can we eliminate this COVID-19 and put an end to it? Only method will lies on cooperation of each and everyone of us worldwide to quarantine ourselves at the SAME time for 1 month. We have to do it TOGETHER at the SAME time in order to eliminate this deadly virus and end it worldwide. So this means within this 1 month of quarantine, any person who is infected should be treated in hospital while those who are not infected should remain quarantine for that month itself. By doing that, we all can conquer this virus as UNITED people.

It will be pointless if some did the 1 month’s quarantine while some do not since it will contribute to further spreading from human to human. So we need to do it once and for all at the SAME time during the Stay At Home’s notice. Please do it as not to prolong this pandemic that disrupt everyone’s life. It is better we all do it TOGETHER for just 1 month instead of having it to spread month after month. It is time to show how we all can be UNITED as human beings to bring down this deadly virus that had killed so many people worldwide.

For all Singaporeans, we can do our parts as to download the TraceTogether apps for better contact tracing as we will never know who are around us if we need to be in public places for those essential people as well as when you need to buy essential stuffs. Help ourselves with this app as it will enable the contact tracing when we are in contact with someone who is infected. You will be informed and aware to keep your loved ones safe if it happens. This will safeguard the people around you and loved ones.

Hope everyone will take this seriously and inform your friends and family members as they might not know about this via phone contact as to be safe.

QR Code to download the TraceTogether app for contact tracing in Singapore

Updated on March 23 2020, 9.33 am GMT +8

Isolate yourself for a month

We all do our parts to help and eliminate this dangerous COVID-19 by keeping ourselves with less contact in public and keep up with our personal hygiene with frequent washing hands before and after meals. Everyone do it for a month and soon this coronavirus will die off by itself. Start your personal countdown today everyone! Help yourself as well as helping others to eliminate this virus today!

Updated on March 21 2020, 10 am GMT +8

With the wide spread of COVID-19 worldwide, we are indeed happy to see that Singapore Government has taken a further step to help with TraceTogether mobile app is the world's first contact tracing app in order to enhance contact tracing efforts as to control the outbreak. As we learned that this TraceTogether app was developed by the Government Technology Agency which can easily downloadable by anyone using Singapore mobile number with Bluetooth function.

You will be required to give permission during the setup and also need to enable the Bluetooth function so that it will be able to detect other parties in close proximity which is 2 metres apart or up to 5 metres for at least 30 minutes. This information will be recorded and stored locally within the users' phones for 21 days of the incubation period of the coronavirus. This will be a much better solution than relying on the memory of interviewees as it can be difficult to recall all contacts during a period of 14 days as well as those other strangers in the street that they do not have their information. As such, this app will be able to facilitate the process of contact tracing in a much better and faster way. At least it will also give us awareness of whether or not we had come in contact with those infected with COVID-19 without guessing if yes or no. This will actually help you to take all necessary action in advance to monitor your health regards to any sign of flu-like symptoms. As what we like to have this type of early detection to reduce much risk of spreading the virus and in return protecting our families and loved ones.

It is rest assured that no personal detail like names will be collected including user's phone contact list or address book. As such, the app will only address who you are in contact with that maybe exposed to the virus. It will store the logs in the local users' phone which will be encrypted. It means that logs do not contain user's phone number but just a set of cryptographically generated temporary IDs. Therefore the logs will leave the owner's phone only when the owner uses the app to send the information to the authorities as to help to facilitate contact tracing. Other safeguards which will be the app will only be active during the outbreaks and will cease when contact tracing ends. Then the app will prompt the users to deactivate the functionality.

This TraceTogether app can be downloaded via Google Play Store and the Apple App Store from your mobile phone. Just need to turn on your Bluetooth to be in operation without the need of Wifi or mobile data. Thumb Up for this Initiative!

Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated on March 15 2020, 10am GMT +8

Total numbers of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases: 156,697 and deaths was 5,836 while 75,925 were recovered as of today. As you maybe aware that the COVID-19 is already affecting more than 152 countries worldwide and the numbers of infected are kept increasing by the day. This is a very serious situation where every individual person should be well aware of and taking all necessary precautions as to avoid being infected. Please be civic minded when comes to personal hygiene as not to spread this virus any further and do our parts to help and stop the spreading.

As we all maybe aware that it can easily spread from an infected person via contact with body fluid therefore if you can avoid any physical touch will reduce the chances of being infected. If one suspects of unwell, please do not go out to crowded places instead either visit a doctor to confirm or quarantine for 14 days to see if infected thereafter. Once every person all over the world can take such action to avoid spreading this COVID-19, then it will come to an end.

Simply steps to be taken as to avoid contact with this coronavirus.

1. Wash your hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds. Best before and after eating or after using the toilets, etc.

2. Try not to touch your face with your hands to avoid as your hands maybe in contact with the COVID-19 while shopping or touching the infected fluid.

3. If you are unwell, please wear a mask and consult a doctor.

4. Avoid communal sharing of food helps to reduce spreading.

5. If you are going to sneeze, try using a tissue paper or if not, cover your nose with your elbow as to avoid sneezing on someone.

6. Good practice of personal hygiene plays a part of preventing the spread.

7. If possible, try not to shop in crowded area or attending functions or events for the time being.

Let us all do our parts and help to stop the spreading of COVID-19 and pray for the fast recovery of those who are currently infected.


Reported on 2 Feb 2020

Sadly to say, it was reported that the Wuhan virus has death toll at 304 on 2 Feb 2020 morning. According to report of the outbreak in Hubei, it has risen to the amount of 9,074 people affected in the province. As there is still no vaccine available to cure this virus, there has been report of 304 death as for this morning. Precaution has been in place for Wuhan and Hubei where quarantine was imposed with roads closure and public transport shutdown. It has been announced that this epidemic is declared as a global health emergency as it has involved more than 20 countries around the world.

It has been said that you do not require to wear mask if you are not ill. This type of surgical mask can help to prevent the wearer from passing the virus but it does not protect from Wuhan virus. It has been told that contrary to popular belief, this Wuhan virus transmission is not airborne but transmitted via physical contact instead. For anyone who is sick should take precautionary measure to wear mask as not to pass germs to other people. Other preventive measure is frequent washing your hands with soap and water at least for 20 seconds or longer. If anyone has experience of fever or respiratory symptom must wear mask and then seek medical assistance from clinic or hospital. It is understandable that people want to be safe but wearing mask only give a false sense of security. Please be vigilant against fake news as it can be harmful to anyone and do follow your government advisories.

Check out your daily Bazi and prepare your Flying Stars Feng Shui 2020 on 4th February to ensure a smooth sailing year ahead.