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Wuhan Coronavirus

Sadly to say, it was reported that the Wuhan virus has death toll at 304 on 2 Feb 2020 morning. According to report of the outbreak in Hubei, it has risen to the amount of 9,074 people affected in the province. As there is still no vaccine available to cure this virus, there has been report of 304 death as for this morning. Precaution has been in place for Wuhan and Hubei where quarantine was imposed with roads closure and public transport shutdown. It has been announced that this epidemic is declared as a global health emergency as it has involved more than 20 countries around the world.

It has been said that you do not require to wear mask if you are not ill. This type of surgical mask can help to prevent the wearer from passing the virus but it does not protect from Wuhan virus. It has been told that contrary to popular belief, this Wuhan virus transmission is not airborne but transmitted via physical contact instead. For anyone who is sick should take precautionary measure to wear mask as not to pass germs to other people. Other preventive measure is frequent washing your hands with soap and water at least for 20 seconds or longer. If anyone has experience of fever or respiratory symptom must wear mask and then seek medical assistance from clinic or hospital. It is understandable that people want to be safe but wearing mask only give a false sense of security. Please be vigilant against fake news as it can be harmful to anyone and do follow your government advisories.

Check out your daily Bazi and prepare your Flying Stars Feng Shui 2020 on 4th February to ensure a smooth sailing year ahead.

Feng Shui 2020 Yang Metal Rat Prediction

For the year 2020 where according to our Hsia Calendar (夏历), the new beginning of the Yang Metal Rat Feng Shui 2020 will begin on the early morning of January 25th 2020 (year 4718th for Hsia Calender). As the new day starts for the year of the Rat, millions of people in every country will be having a fresh beginning of their new lives and time for family gatherings and reunions. This will mark the ending of the Yin Earth Pig and welcoming the Yang Metal Rat for 2020. As Li Chun (Spring - 立春) falls on 25th January 2020, everyone will have a new lease of life and new chapter begins on this date. Once again, there are dangers that will be lurking in certain sectors where you need to be aware of and taking all necessary precautions to have a smooth year ahead. Here are some sectors that requires your attention - illness Star 2 in the South, Sickness Star 5 in the East, Quarrelsome Star 3 in the North, Tai Sui (352.5 - 7.5), Sui Po (172.5 - 187.5) and 3 Killings (142.5 - 217.5). Other than those sectors, it will be great if you can activate good areas where you can receive good wealth, health, career and relationship with your family in 2020.

Every year you have an understanding of the negative effects that come in different sectors of your house as well as the positive energies in good sectors that you can take advantage of. Good sectors like South-East, South-West, North-East, North-West and West will be great to activate these Stars to benefit in the year 2020. The rest of the sectors will require cures and prevention and they will be in the East, North, South and the Center of the house. Of course we are to take note of Tai Sui, Sui Po and the 3 Killings at those degrees sectors. As long as you are equipped with the right cures and preventive measures, it will assist you to avert wherever bad situation and making it a great year 2020.

Will you be ready to accept the challenge of Flying Stars Feng Shui 2020 where you will meet the Yang Metal Rat and putting in place of cures and good energies to have a safe journey throughout the year 2020? Please help yourself to know more about the good and bad sectors as you move yourself into the year of the Yang Metal Rat 2020. Read more about the dangers of different sectors and the prevention as well as the activation for Flying Stars Yang Metal Rat 2020 towards a prosperous and peaceful year in 2020.

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Personal Luck Cycle

Every person has his/her personal luck cycle and if you grab it at the right time then you will be rewarded in many different ways. One of the way can be winning a small fortune with 4D lucky draw. Are you the right person to be able to grab the right timing for your fortune or simply let it slips away?

We do come across quite a number of instances where our clients told us that they wanted to make a small bet when they were passing by the 4d booth but after seeing those long queue, decided to let it be instead. To their surprises, the numbers they intent to buy came out to be First Prize. Well, they had the luck on that day but didn't grab it.

We always believe that everyone has the fair chance of good luck and knowing when you can grab the opportunity will be what you need. Feng Shui is where you can learn what are your luck numbers with Bazi and knowing the right timing of the day. Not forgetting the month and year as well as the right hour plays a part in your good fortune. We are still constructing the Bazi for toto and once it is ready, you will be able to have the updates for those who had already purchase our previous version of ebook.

Feng Shui Facing Direction

Commonly asked by many Feng Shui fans about how to take the correct Compass or Luopan reading of your house. This is an example of how you can use a normal compass to take the Compass Facing Direction of your home for plotting the Flying Stars Chart. It requires you to take 3 sets of readings to compare before knowing the actual right direction of your house.

1. Standing 3 feet away from your front door, taking the compass with the needle pointing in the center of your door and write down the degree shown.
2. Standing 6 feet away from your front door, taking the second reading with the same procedure as above and write down the reading.
3. Standing 9 feet away and taking the 3rd set of reading and writing it down.

Now you need to compare all the 3 sets of readings and make sure that it is not varied more than 15 degrees from each other otherwise you will need to retake those readings again. This can means that there are too much electrical interference causing those readings to differ some much. If the readings are still out then you will need to take those readings from outside your house to face your front door. Some times it is good to have readings taken from inside as well as outside your front door to make sure that you are having the same readings before you start plotting your Flying Stars Chart. This will ensure its accuracy and there will be no mistake about its facing direction.

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