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Feng Shui 2018 Yang Earth Dog Prediction

According to Hsia Calendar (夏历), Feng Shui 2018 will begin on 4th February 2018 (year 4716th for Hsia Calender). Early morning on 4th February 2018 starts Feng Shui 2018 Yang Earth Dog (戊戌年) year that ends Feng Shui Yin Fire Rooster 2017. Li Chun (Spring - 立春) falls on 4th February 2018 that begins a new chapter welcoming Yang Earth Dog. The dangers that lurks in the West (Star 2 Sickness) and in the North lies the 5 Yellow plus 3 Killings (322.5-37.5) as well as the quarrelsome Star 3 at North-East. East facing will be Robbery Star 7, Sui Po located at South-East and lastly will be the Grand Duke (Tai Sui facing North-West 292.5-307.5). Take a careful look at those critical directions and cures so you will enjoy another smooth year ahead.

Every year you will be faced with dangers lurking in some directions but also encounters good fortune in other directions. Yang Earth Dog 2018 brings some bad encounters with relationship, sickness, loss of wealth, misfortune, robbery, legal issues but with the right preventive measures and precautions, you can gain good fortune instead. Welcoming 2018 with the right mindset and precautions, you will avert all bad situation and turning them into good luck.

Are you ready to face the challenge of Yang Earth Dog 2018? Get yourself with the right positive energy and cures to gain the good health and fortune ahead. Read more of Yang Earth Dog 2018 what you can do to prepare yourself and family members to lead another peaceful and properous year of 2018.

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Feng Shui Facing Direction

Commonly asked by many Feng Shui fans about how to take the correct Compass or Luopan reading of your house. This is an example of how you can use a normal compass to take the Compass Facing Direction of your home for plotting the Flying Stars Chart. It requires you to take 3 sets of readings to compare before knowing the actual right direction of your house.

1. Standing 3 feet away from your front door, taking the compass with the needle pointing in the center of your door and write down the degree shown.
2. Standing 6 feet away from your front door, taking the second reading with the same procedure as above and write down the reading.
3. Standing 9 feet away and taking the 3rd set of reading and writing it down.

Now you need to compare all the 3 sets of readings and make sure that it is not varied more than 15 degrees from each other otherwise you will need to retake those readings again. This can means that there are too much electrical interference causing those readings to differ some much. If the readings are still out then you will need to take those readings from outside your house to face your front door. Some times it is good to have readings taken from inside as well as outside your front door to make sure that you are having the same readings before you start plotting your Flying Stars Chart. This will ensure its accuracy and there will be no mistake about its facing direction.