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Feng Shui Yang Water Tiger 2022

4th February 2022 ends year of the Metal Ox and we need to be prepared for the Yang Water Tiger's Feng Shui 2022 for the Hsia Calendar. You must equip yourself with all the necessary information of what you need to do for cures and preventive measures when the day of Li Chun (Spring - 立春) arrives. You must pay extra attention on the main issues for these directions and put in place the cures and preventive measures will be: 3 Killings, Tai Sui, 5 Yellow, Robbery Star, illness Star, etc. A word of advice will be that under no circumstances you should attempt to activate those sectors but instead putting in place the right cures as well as preventive measures to ensure you enjoy a peaceful and yet prosperous year 2022. As the saying goes - prevention is better than cure, right?

You know those afflictions in those sectors and time to arm yourself with the right tools and cures where it helps you to avert all unnecessary tortures and mishaps that can happen in 2022. Know each sector of its affliction and place those cures as to reduce the negative impacts and achieve positive outcome for year 2022. One best tip will be letting those sectors untouch with activating them and the cures in place then you will not aggravate them thus reducing any harm that may happen in 2022. To benefits yourself further will be activating those good Stars as it helps with health, wealth, relationship for you and your family. Whenever you are unsure or in doubt. do not activate any sector as leaving it alone will help to avert any sort of disaster that you may attempt to create. Do it only if you are 100% sure of what you intend to do for cures or activation.

These are the negative Stars that you need to avoid and place cures to avoid further harms to you and your family. These Stars are: Star 2 (illness), Star 3 (quarrelsome), Star 5 (Yellow) and Star 7 (violent). While these 4 Stars are bad, there are also 4 good Stars you can activate instead. You will also need to be aware of these areas occupy by the Grand Duke (known as Tai Sui). So far it is noted that you can depend on using the Salt water cure as a preventive measure to subdue the effect of Tai Sui. Remember that you will need to discard all old salt water cure entirely including the coins. How do you make the salt water cure? Take a glass bowl and place 7 coins at the bottom and then fill up with salt (around 3/4) and pour water until it reaches to the brink. Remember to add water when it evaporated and also the salt as it goes down below 3/4. Star 2 (illness) is now located at South-West while Star 3 (Quarrelsome) has moved to East. As for Star 5 (Yellow), it moves to Center Palace while Star 7 (violent) is now situated in the West of the house. With the knowledge of the locations of these Stars, you will need to arm yourself with the right cures and preventive measures in order to avert all the problems that can cause a hinder to your career, health and not forgetting relationship with family & friends.

To summarize what we know about the good as well as the bad Stars in 2022 Yang Water Tiger Feng Shui Flying Stars:

1. Authority Star 1 - North
2. illness Star 2 - South-West
3. Quarrelsome Star 3 - East
4. Relationship Star 4 - South-East
5. 5 Yellow Star - Center
6. Wealth Star 6 - North-West
7. Violent Star 7 - West
8. Lucky Star 8 - North-East
9. Future Star 9 - South

Just remember that you will need to equip yourself with all the right tools and cures to control those bad Stars as not to activate them under any circumstances while having the right remedy in place. One thing to take note that you do not face Tai Sui direction while sitting down instead having your back facing that direction to gain support. Now it is best to face 3 Killings as to avoid being backstab by people. A simple rule that I always follow in my years of Feng Shui will be never disturb the bad sectors as to avoid any harms or havocs they may be creating and putting cures to control them instead. You will be ready to face a smooth sailing year 2022 for Feng Shui Yang Water Tiger.

2022 Flying Stars Yang Water Tiger Charts

* IMPORTANT * Understand what cures and preventive measures you can help to avert disaster for Feng Shui 2022 Flying Stars Yang Water Tiger by using cures and preventive measures against disasters!

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