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    Feng Shui - Yang Water Dragon 2012 Prediction

    2012 Feng Shui For Yang Water Dragon (Year Of Zen Chen) falls on the 4709th year of the Chinese Hsia calendar.

    As the Lunar Chinese New Year falls on 23rd January 2012, people believes that it is the beginning of a new year but it is not so according to the Hsia Calendar. Instead the new year will begin on the 4th of February 2012 approximately at the hour of 6.32 pm where we welcome the start of Yang Water Dragon as the first day of Li Chun (spring). This day will be the change of Rabbit to Dragon year for 2012 and concludes on 9 February 2013 before the emerging Yin Water Snake for 2013. Preparation has to be made as we are approaching another new year so that we can embrace ourselves with the correct cures and alternative measures to lead another peaceful and prosperous year 2012 against Sha Qi as well as bad influences.

    For year 2012, it symbolizes the elements of Water sitting on the Earth element which associates with disasters like flooding or earthquake. This can easily results in Tsunami in various parts of the world near the coast or beaches. Therefore, extra precaution has to be taken for coast lines and beach resorts as the nature disaster can be destructive without pre-warning signs. There might likely be changes in social or economic as the power of water on earth can cause impulse reactions.

    Back to our Lo Shu Square for the annual 2012 Flying Stars prediction, the 3 Killings is now shifted to the South Sector at 142.5 - 217.5 degrees where Grand Duke (Tai Sui)) is sitting at 112.5 - 127.5 degrees in the South-East sector. Unfortunately this year is worst in the South-East corner as the Misfortune Star 5 is also located in that sector meaning Earth element clashing with the Wood element causing the most destructive combination of ill fate and health issues. The annual 5 Yellow is now also residing in the South-East sector with the Tai Sui (Grand Duke) at 112.5 - 157.5 degrees. Since Grand Duke (Tai Sui) is also located in that sector, the result is more dangerous and explosive as it enhances all the bad effects of bad energy. Please be advice to have the best cure in place otherwise you will find yourself riding on a very rough year in 2012. Always bear in mind that you should NEVER sit facing Grand Duke (Tai Sui) but instead with your back facing its direction so that you will have its support. The consequences are never good as it can cause fatal illnesses, family breakup, bad relationship, gossips, violents and arguments. The Sui Po year breaker now has moved to the opposite direction of Grand Duke (Tai Sui) at the angle of 292.5 - 307.5 degrees in North-West. Those who failed to any cures and preventive measures may result in gossip, career failure, financial losses, lawsuit, misunderstanding, sickness, injuries and even fatal death can occur. As the saying goes, it is best to leave this area alone throughout the year 2012 until 9th February 2013.

    Summary of 2012 good/bad sectors for Flying Stars
    - North Sector: Sickness Star 2
    - South-East Sector: Misfortune Star 5, Grand Duke (Tai Sui) & 5 Yellow
    - South-West Sector: Quarrelsome Star 3
    - South Sector: 3 Killings
    - East Sector: Relationship / Educational Star 4
    - West Sector: Fortune Star 8

    Always bear in mind of these critical 3 afflictions for Feng Shui - Grand Duke (Tai Sui), 5 Yellow and 3 Killings. Knowing of what we are facing for the year 2012 Feng Shui, let us take a closer look at the Flying Stars analysis so that we can act upon the cures and preventive measures needed for Yang Water Dragon 2012 Flying Stars. These cures and preventive measures are advice that helps to avoid problems relating with Grand Duke (Tai Sui), 3 Killings, 5 Yellow and Sui Po in the year of Yang Water Dragon 2012. Hopefully with all these neccesary preparations of cures will help you overcoming any disasters and dangers in the year 2012 and enjoy a new prosperous new year ahead.