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Kua Numbers Calculator to determine your Kua, Group, 4 Best & Worst Directions.


Determine your child's sex. This is for pleasure and not related to Feng Shui. Shows whether you will give birth to a girl or boy. Have fun!


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Receive Your TOTO Numbers Today!

Analyse your Kua Numbers using the ancient formula of birth date, you will receive your own personal TOTO Numbers. However we do not guaranteed 100% successful. When you strike some money, you may wish to donate! NEVER ATTEMPT to click TWICE since the Toto Numbers generated based on the precise time in seconds when you click on the Get Button. If you DO MORE THAN ONCE then the accuracy of the TOTO Numbers will be inaccurate. You will be given the BEST RANGE of time to execute and receive your TOTO Numbers based on your BIRTH DATE.

Input Your Birth Date To Get TOTO Numbers

  1. First, choosing the correct SEX will definitely make a difference in getting your Kua Number. Make sure you have made the correct selection.
  2. Accuracy for your Date of Birth is critical. Please Do Not Use the Chinese Calendar Dates. This calculator will do it stuff. Select in the order of Day, Month and Year sequence.
  3. Once you have done that, click on the 'Show My Kua Number' button. Presto! You will be re-directed to the TOTO Numbers page to generate your personal numbers.
IMPORTANT: Remember to CLICK ONLY ONCE to get the most precise TOTO Numbers. For those who like our service provided, you can send your make payment directly with PayPal to our account: fengshui@about-fengshui.info

Your payment to our service helps to maintain this site and indirectly also help those who want to acquire the basic knowledge of Feng Shui. Thank you!

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