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    Feng Shui - Twelve Celestial Animals In Tiger 2010

    Good 2010 year for RAT in terms of work since metal helps you with good fortune. Look into Travel Insurance as Tiger 2010 relates to travel and RAT will be busy travelling more often. You will earn more money this year and with hard work, your career will be promising. Not so good with love if you are not married. Watch your health as you may face pressure from work. You
    may find yourself feeling lonely this year. Rats can activate their personal direction with their animal sign together their secret friend and allies. Rat secret friend is OX and its allies are Dragon and Monkey. Remember that whatever effort that you put in will be the determining factor of your career or reputation.
    Ox will have good luck in Tiger 2010 since Metal element is favorable. It will benefit in terms of family ties and financial income. Ox must prepare to face challenges and take advantage of good opportunities that will come its way. Ox must take extra care to avoid accidents. Romance can be seen for women. Money will be financially good but take care to avoid unexpected
    losses. Take care of your health this year. Learn to make the right decision for investment. Ox can carry with them their secret friend and allies animal signs. Ox secret friend is Rat and allies are Snake and Rooster.
    Not a good year for Tiger since Metal element is not favorable. You will need to overcome challenges in career as it will be promising for promotion. You will need support from your colleagues to overcome career challenges. Try to build a good relationship with friends and colleagues. No money luck for Tiger
    so you must be extra careful with investment as you might have money loss. Take care of your health since you might be draining your energy to build your career and friendships. Improve your personal relationships with friends and colleagues will help you overcome 2010. The secret friend of Tiger is Pig and the allies are Horse and Dog. Keep these animal signs with you at all times to reap the benefits.
    It is known that Rabbit is always alert and agile so it should pick up this year in wealth and opportunities. It takes some wise rabbit to grab opportunities in business, career and relationships. Women will have opportunities of relationship. Take care of health as you may exhaust yourself with too much social activities. Rabbit needs to apply their intelligent to ensure greater success with teamwork and collaboration among colleagues. The secret friend is Dog and the allies are Sheep and Pig. Keep these animal signs with you at all times to tide over crisis.
    It is a fair year 2010 for dragon. Metal is not good for dragon so watch out in career or investment as not to take unnecessary risk that might burn your pocket. It will be a good year to travel for business in career success. Career will be good as you will notice of increase responsibility. Prove your talent and performance will gain recognition. You might get a career
    promotion. Money does not come easily so you will need to have some savings. Pay attention to your health and safety as you might have some issues. Your secret friend is Rooster and allies are Monkey and Rat.
    This year 2010 will be good for snake as they will have unexpected windfall opportunities. Care must be taken to avoid quarrelling with friends, colleagues or girlfriends as poor relationships will affect your career or business. You will require good connection to increase money opportunities. Patience is required when comes to love. There will be no health issue this year but care must be taken not to have social meeting at night
    as it might turn out having mental burdens and stress. Snake secret friend is Monkey and allies are Rooster and Ox. Be on a lookout for good opportunity as they will only come once, if you miss it then do not regret it.
    This is a good year 2010 for horse as it has 3 good stars to aid. Good career opportunities to acquire wealth and fortune. Horse will have good relationships with people. You will have opportunity of leadership and decision making for your job. Learn to take opportunity to develop business and your reward will be career promotion. Good year for investment but beware as not to be greedy. This will be a year of romance but not for
    marriage. Horse secret friend is Sheep and allies are Dog and Tiger. Horse is likely to be unlucky with romance, therefore better to be concentrating in career, business or studies.
    2010 is a good year for sheep in terms of relationship, money and career. There is a great deal of opportunities for success to benefit wealth and career. Good year for investment but care must be taken as not to gamble short term gains in money luck. This year is good for relationship even marriage opportunity. Health is not an issue for year 2010 though there is an unlucky star in health. Watch your safety while working or driving. Goat secret friend is Horse and allies are Pig and Rabbit.
    Not so good for monkey though you may have opportunity to generate wealth through travel business in work. You will need to take care while traveling or driving. You have money luck but not from investment in lottery or gambling. It is from your career money so avoid making the wrong choice of investment risk. Not to provide loan or be guarantor as you might face money issue. Not so good in terms of romance for 2010. If married, then you must give attention to your partner even though you may be busy with your career or business. Monkey secret friend is Snake and allies are Rat and Dragon.
    2010 is good for chicken as they have both the lucky Purple Emperor and the Dragon Star. Both of these stars representing Authority, Leadership and Power. It will help you to get promotion in career. In terms of wealth, you will see your money grows. Beware of the unlucky Unfortunate Star that might cause your failure in career due to mistake or negligence. With the Metal element in Tiger 2010, you might act more domineering and arrogant for success that can easily leads to arguments. Be careful with your words as it may spell troubles. Good for money but do
    not involve with risky investment or gambling as you will not have windfall. Health is not an issue but careful when working or traveling by driving. Rooster secret friend is Dragon and allies are Ox and Snake.
    Not much luck in 2010 for dog. Build a long term relationship with people will help to improve your money luck and career advancement. Be creative and people will be impressed and respect your talent and inspiration of work. You will need to get supporter with relationship to help in your career. Avoid short term risky investment as you do not have any windfall from lottery or gambling. There is no love relationship in 2010 but you
    can have special relationship to increase popularity. Dog secret friend is Rabbit and allies are Tiger and Horse.
    Good year 2010 for pig as there are many good opportunities in career or relationship. It is an excellent year for pig to build relationship as it will help them to have authority. In terms of career, pig will have an opportunity of promotion as they are talented with their performance and achievement. There are
    money opportunity together with career luck in 2010. Good to do some financial investment to gain returns. Not much problem with health except to monitor eating and drinking. Pig secret friend is Tiger and allies are Rabbit and Sheep.
  • What's Feng Shui?

    Fengshui in Mandarin word is said to be Wind for Feng and Water for Shui. Therefore the terms for Fengshui is all about Wind and Water. Fengshui is also related to the flow of 'Qi' or 'chi' similar to the practice of 'Qigong'. This ancient Chinese Art of 'Qi' flowing into one's house and the placement of objects or furniture will have the effects of good or bad for the household. Fengshui is having the energy or 'qi' travelling into your house and settle down to retain Good Fortune & Wealth.

    Fengshui is also related the 'Yin' & 'Yang' that refers to the principle of Heaven and Earth in harmony. Fengshui is to create the element of balancing between both 'Yin' and the 'Yang'. To have the best orientation to avoid bad 'qi' and receive auspicious 'qi' is what Fengshui is about.

    Fengshui is classified under two schools - 'Form School' and 'Compass School'. It is always good to learn either one of the technique first and combine it. It is known that the Form School is the study of the Four Symbolic Animals i.e. Clockwise direction is the Turtle (back), Dragon (left), Phoenix (front) and the Tiger (right). The 'Compass School' has two classifications i.e. one refers to the East / West System or the 8 Mansions and the Flying Stars System. This is specifically comprised of four aspects: House, the Environment, the Person and the Time. Feng Shui is not completed without utilizing all the above conditions. The most accurate diagnostic, Feng Shui analyzes precisely how a house and environment supports the person and duration of the time period affects the house and its occupants.

    Feng Shui can be said as a concept of logic and when applying Fengshui in your office or your house, bear in mind that it has to have a balance between 'yin' & 'yang'. Unfortunately to say that our learning of the ancient Art of Feng Shui is never completed due to the true Master of Feng Shui had never taught his disciples the entire skills. We hope that through exchanges of knowledge and discussions, we will once again learn the entire concept behind Feng Shui. This site will be showing you how to can find out your Gua Numbers, Flying Stars and more as we progress along. We hope to provide you with Basic Knowledge about Feng Shui. Be sure to check our site frequently or you can subscribe to our Mailing List to keep in touch for new updates. To subscribe our Mailing List, please Click Here. All new information and updates can be found in the Updates Link.

    We will be covering topics based on Feng Shui Tools about Five Elements, Eight Trigrams, Ba Kua, Lo Pan Compass, Nine Stars, Forms, Mountain, Yin-Yang, Water Stars. If any of you have suggestions or tips you wish to share with our readers, please join our Forum to submit your contributions. To join our Forum, please Click Here. Or you wish to send us, please write to us using our Contact Info here.

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