• 2005 Feng Shui 2005 Rooster


    Year Of Yin Wood Rooster 2005 Fengshui

    Yin Wood Rooster is signified as flower therefore it is classified to be flexible and easily adopted to changes with submission. This year will be a good year to resolve conflicts and disharmony of relationship by compromising. The five basic elements of productive cycle is metal, water, wood, fire and earth and the destructive cycle is metal, wood, earth, water and fire. Example: metal produces water and water produces wood, etc for the productive cycle. The destructive cycle is metal destroys wood and wood destroys earth, etc. The birthplace of Rooster is Yin Fire that symbolizes explosion. Based on the Chinese calendar, this year of Yin Wood Rooster 2005 has the symbol of wood & metal and the cycle of birth and destruction, metal will destroy wood. The element wood is on top of metal symbolizing disharmony and causing conflicts. The year of Rooster is Yin wood that is adaptive and flexible to the environment. The 5 Yellow Star that symbolizing obstacles and misfortune has moved from the center to northwest in 2005 and this sector is likely to encounter conflicts or problems. If the location of northwest is active, placing a metal wind chime to absorb the bad energy is necessary. Number 2 bad Star will arrive in the East for the year of the Yin Wood Rooster 2005 causing sickness in this sector. To absorb the bad energy of this sector, do hang six old coins in red string. Without water and fire in Yin Wood Rooster 2005, this result losing wealth and profitability in business. Using blue or black to represents water and red represents fire in your office will create the wealth and profit in business. The illness star has moved from the South to the East for the year of Yin Wood Rooster 2005. Avoid sitting with your back facing the East and placing a Wu Lou will help to absorb the bad energy.

    The representative of Yin wood year is a sign of flexibility that is adjustable to circumstances that will give better result of compromising and resolution of past conflicts. The metal in the year of Rooster represents a knife or dagger and the Yin wood is related to neck or back of a person. This symbolize of a dagger sticking to the neck or back of a person that means we must be wary of getting stabbed on the back. Or it can also represent the involvement of accidents relating to neck or back of a person. Those who are born in the year of the Rabbit have to pay extra attention since it conflicts and clash with Rooster and Grand Duke. These clashes involve with movement so those who are born in the year of the rabbit are predicted to more changes like traveling, moving house or changing jobs. To avert bad luck, it is advisable for rabbit to wear a pendant of Dragon for safety and protection. Care to be taken for rabbit people against neck and back relating to accidents. Avoid travel to the west as the Grand Duke is located there. Do not conduct any construction work or heavy activities in the West sector. Those who are born in the year of Rabbit and Rooster have to be careful about their health this year. Since metal destroys wood in 2005, it could create problem associated with plantation and the environment relating the forest disasters. It is notable that year of Rooster is prone to fire disasters and explosions. It is also related to entertainment activities that might create sex scandals. Being Yin metal for Rooster, more activities can be seen in the area of cosmetics, entertainment, advertising, etc relating to the metal element. Strong fire is needed to support the economy but since Rooster 2005 is Yin Wood, there will be moderate improvement. Wood element represents money to metal industry but with the strong metal in Rooster 2005, it will be very competitive.

    For the earth element, it is classified as the productive cycle since earth produces metal and those trades under this element will have a boost in the activities like the property trade, insurance, mining, chemical, computers, etc. For the fire element, it will also be favorable since fire controls metal and businesses related to fire element like power plants, entertainment, electronic goods, fire industries, etc will be profitable. For the wood element, this year will be unfavorable and those industries like textile, clothing, paper, furniture, plantation, etc will suffer with less profit. Water element will see some improvement since the productive cycle of water produces wood and industries like travel, transportation, shipping, bars, drinks, etc will benefit a little. Lastly the metal element like engineering, high tech equipment, cars, etc will not be desirable since the money element wood is conquered by metal. It will likely to be neutral or weak in terms of profit. In the year of the Rooster, those who are born under the sign of Dragon, Snake and Ox will have a harmonious year. Romance seems to appear for those who are under the sign of Monkey, Rat and Dragon.