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Feng Shui Made Easy practical application can help those who actually in need of solutions where it will change their destiny of fate. Learning each of the practical applications where they can make use of to turn their present life around if they are actually having obstacles that hinders their growth in career, relationship, health and other things in life. Subscribe our Feng Shui Made Easy Practical Applications where you can now change your destiny of fate today!

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What Your Clutter Is Trying to Tell You
by: Kerri L. Richardson

With a practical, warm, and welcoming approach, intuitive life and business coach Kerri Richardson guides you to accept your clutter as a natural manifestation of your mind, body, and spirit looking out for yourself. It is your soul calling out for you invest in self-care and to face the fears holding you back from being your best self. Richardson dives into the most common categories of physical clutter and provides efficient and effective steps for clearing the space for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being to flourish. But more than house and home, Richardson encourages you to clear out the clutter of relationships and habits that have been occupying your time and energy for too long.

Actionable clutter-clearing activities provide the foundation of this achievable plan to maximize your house, home, and heart’s potential.

Feng Shui Saral Hindi Mein (Hindi Edition)
by: Raghuvender Raman Arora

फेंगशुई जीवन के सभी चरणों में एक महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका अदा करती है| घर परिवार के सदस्यों के शारीरिक मानसिक स्वास्थ्य और सुख शांति के लिए, संतोष के लिए तथा व्यवसाय में वृद्धि, आमदनी के स्रोत बढ़ाने के लिए , दुश्मनों से बचाव के लिए, दुर्घटनाओं से बचाव के लिए और मानसिक मजबूती के लिए तथा अनेक प्रकार के वास्तु दोष दूर करने के लिए फेंगशुई महत्वपूर्ण है और इसके द्वारा किए जाने वाले सभी उपाय बेहद कारगर एवं के फायदे कोई भी व्यक्ति आसानी से कर सकता है| इसके लिए किसी भवन व्यावसायिक स्थल फैक्ट्री या कार्यालय आदि में किसी प्रकार की तोड़फोड़ की आवश्यकता नहीं पड़ती और कुछ सरल उपायों को करके ही वास्तु दोष का निवारण करके सफलतम सौभाग्य की प्राप्ति की जा सकती है। मेरा यह प्रयत्न है कि फेंगशुई के इन सरल उपायों के द्वारा आपके जीवन में सकारात्मक ऊर्जा तथा उत्साह - उमंग का संचार कर सकूं| मैंने अपने ज्ञान के आधार पर आपको सर्वश्रेष्ठ सलाह देने का प्रयत्न किया है और मेरी कोशिश एवं कामना है कि आप जरुरत के अनुसार इन उपायों में से चुनकर और उन्हें जीवन में उतार कर सफलता एवं समृद्धि एवं स्वास्थ्य आरोग्य पाएं।

Feng Shui Fortunes: Financial Freedom Is Yours With These Tips!
by: Paris Lane

Achieve Financial Freedom By Changing The Way You Design Your Office And House.

Find out everything you need to know to finally be a success! Learn how you can quickly and easily get your skills under control, once and for all.

This product and its great information on Feng Shui will walk you, step by step, through the exact process to help you get all the information you need to attract abundance to your life.

In This eBook, You Will Learn:
* How to Feng Shui Your Wallet for Financial Freedom
* Feng Shui Tips to Help You Advance Your Career and Make More Money
* What the Color of Your Wallet Says About Your Wealth
* How to Use the Feng Shui Five-Element Color Cycle to Change your Life
* Meaning Of Symbols
* And so much more!

Organizing for Creative People: How to Channel the Chaos of Creativity into Career Success
by: Sheila Chandra

price: $9.00 (new),
$9.00 (used)
A practical and friendly guide to taming your chaos written specifically for creative people by the bestselling author of Banish Clutter Forever.

‘Sheila gave me the tools to hunt success, and the infrastructure to handle it when it came.’ Stik, world renowned street artist and author Most of the conventional ‘productivity’ advice you’ll find in the ‘soft business’ section simply does not work for creative people. Surprisingly, to date there has not been a single book that addresses the unique organizational challenges that artists face. This book sets out to change that, it addresses the myth that truly creative people are messy and that they need mess in order to create. Sheila Chandra applies her professional insights as a ‘creative’ and organizing expert to the lives of other busy creative people in all disciplines – showing them how good organization can liberate their creative ‘magic’. She begins with artists’ physical spaces, including arranging their workspaces and offices so that they remain tidy effortlessly. Her career ‘headspace’ chapters cover:

   • creative well-being, including artist support systems
   • career well-being, including networking and collaborations
   • self-promotion and how to avoid working for free
   • making social media pay
   • personal branding, career planning and goals
   • how to manage copyright issues and legal paperwork
   • legacy management
And all from an artist’s point of view. These fool-proof, tried and tested systems are mixed with creativity tips and artist well-being advice that only one artist knows to give another. Written with real affection for the reader, Sheila Chandra takes the creative person by the hand and puts them on the path to success.

168 trucos de Feng Shui para dar energia a tu vida / Lillian Too's 168 Feng Shui Tips to Energize Your Life (Spanish Edition)
by: Lillian Too

price: $124.47 (new),
$45.14 (used)
Use Lillian's 168 simple yet effective Feng Shui techniques to encourage the flow of inner and outer chi and unlock the secrets of success and harmonious living. Starting with ways to raise mental awareness, you will learn how to spot the energy stealers that can destroy the harmony surrounding you and your home. Description in Spanish: Este nuevo volumen de la coleccion de 168 trucos de Feng Shui de Lillian Too nos ofrece trucos y tecnicas procedentes de la tradicion ancestral para aportar energia positiva a nuestra vida interior, nuestra familia, nuestro entorno profesional, nuestra prosperidad economica, mejorar las relaciones con los demas y conseguir el exito personal.

Life Harmony, Feng Shui in Plain English
by: Timothy Ellis

This is the Feng Shui book I went looking for a long time ago to explain Feng Shui to me. I never found it. So I wrote it instead.

This is the Feng Shui book you read FIRST.

After this, other Feng Shui books will start making sense. What you need to know, in PLAIN ENGLISH. How to go about doing it. What order to do it in. How to overcome confusion. Different situations and what to look for. What to expect of consultants and masters. Why other books get confusing or simply do not appear to work.

Most of what is out there about Feng Shui is just the tip of a very large iceberg. This book deals with the whole iceberg. What some books dedicate themselves too, this is the book that puts them into proper perspective as just a minor part of the whole. Where other books specialize in small parts of Feng Shui, this books shows you how to integrate all the others.

Learn to balance YOU with the House with the Time Based Energies in the house, the Chi flow and Landscape around it.

This is THE Feng Shui book for those who want to methodically do their own home and business. It walks you through each of the major areas of Feng Shui, in the order you need to look at them in order that what follows makes sense. And it is written without all that confusing Chinese language.

Having written this book, I use it as a text to teach.

Feng Shui For Beginners : The Secret Best Tips Home Decorating Idea
by: Angeline T. Macauley

Feng Shui For Beginners : The Secret Best Tips Home Decorating Idea

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Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook: The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home
by: Martha Stewart

price: $8.00 (new),
$3.09 (used)
Whether your home is small or large, an apartment in the city or a country cottage, it is a space that should be at once beautiful and livable. The key to that is managing the upkeep without feeling flustered. Until now, there has never been a comprehensive resource that not only tells how to care for your home and everything in it, but that also simplifies the process by explaining just when. With secrets from Martha Stewart for accomplishing the most challenging homekeeping tasks with ease, this detailed and comprehensive book is the only one you will need to help you keep your home looking its best, floor to ceiling, room by room.

In Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook, Martha shares her unparalleled expertise in home maintenance and care. Readable and practical–and graced with charts, sidebars, illustrated techniques, and personal
anecdotes from Martha’s decades of experience caring for her homes–this is far more than just a compendium of ways to keep your house clean. It covers everything from properly executing a living room floor plan to setting a formal table; from choosing HEPA filters to sealing soapstone countertops; from organizing your home office to polishing your silver and caring for family heirlooms.

Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook is organized for clarity and maximum practicality:

Room by Room covers the upkeep of the appliances, tools, furnishings, and surfaces found in each room, from the entryway to the kitchen, from the attic to the laundry room.

Throughout the House instructs the reader on the proper ways to routinely clean and periodically maintain everything in the home, including dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, polishing, scrubbing, waxing and much more.

Comfort and Safety focuses on techniques to ensure your home is running properly and safely, such as recognizing when to clean vents, fixing a leaky faucet, and eradicating pests.

A-to-Z Materials Guide provides an invaluable resource that explains the unusual materials that many favorite objects are made of–from abalone to zinc–
and how to care for them so they last.

Encyclopedic yet friendly, Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook is a seminal work–a must-have for everyone who wants a well-cared-for home that will endure for generations.

Pump Up Your Prosperity - in Just 10 Steps with Feng Shui (e-asy feng shui - top feng shui tips Book 1)
by: Jean Gilhead

Transform your prosperity with Jean Gilhead’s ‘Top Feng Shui Tips’ in 10 easy steps.

These simple actions will help you grow the ‘wealth chi’ in your life.

Learn how to go with the flow and stop struggling against the tide. This easy to follow 10-step e-guide will help you achieve abundance and prosperity!

DeClutter Magic : Tips for Organizing, Simplifying, and Tidying your Home from my Japanese Grandmother: Organized for Life Series
by: Oren Suzuki

"This little book by Suzuki is right up there with Konmari and the top of the decluttering game! Great gems of wisdom from his Japanese grandmother, and very clean delivery of an organizing system and mindset that really helped me get a handle on my home."
- S Marshall, Innovations Weekly E-Pub

How many DeClutter books have you bought or browsed in the search for sanity?

Oren Suzuki brings to you his revolutionary "DeClutter Magic", a quick and concise solution to that uneasy and overwhelmed feeling you're experiencing at home.

Throughout his teenage years, Suzuki lived in his family's ancestral home in Japan with his grandmother, and was consistently amazed with how she managed and organized her space to create an effective home that produced contentment and inspiration. Years later, he translated his Sobo's Japanese style of tidying her house into "DeClutter Magic", a practical and simple system to help make your living space a true sanctuary.

"Practical Tips for getting your house under control. Instead of focusing on a single idea and building a bunch of filler about it, Suzuki actually fills this moderately sized book with lots of concrete tips, ideas, step by step guides, checklists, and great explanations. Can't wait for his next book!"
- Cheryl Bannister, Educator, USA

Read this 'straight to the point' first volume and summary of the "Organized for Life" series to learn:

- Why you have Clutter
- How to get rid of Clutter
- Where to get rid of Clutter
- And how to keep Clutter from coming back!

With "DeClutter Magic", you'll be equipped with the tools and mindset you need to enjoy a simplified life in an organized home. Don't ever deal with 'Spring Cleaning' again!

Customers buying this book from Amazon will also enjoy the benefit of receiving the Audiobook version of "DeClutter Magic" for FREE when available.

"A pleasant book with a great value. I love his stories of his grandmother, and got some great tips from it myself."

"If you are looking to buy one book on home organizing, this is it. This guy is a pro, does this for a living, and goes right into it. Lots of great info."

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