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Feng Shui Made Easy practical application can help those who actually in need of solutions where it will change their destiny of fate. Learning each of the practical applications where they can make use of to turn their present life around if they are actually having obstacles that hinders their growth in career, relationship, health and other things in life. Subscribe our Feng Shui Made Easy Practical Applications where you can now change your destiny of fate today!

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Modern Living With Fengshui. Learn about i ching, environment, yin yang, five elements, pa kua, home improvement, home design, space clearing, wind and water, divination, home improvement, home design, landscape, reference, lo shu, Yin Yang & geomancy.

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Feng Shui Your Own Home
by: Monica P. Castaneda

price: $27.00 (new),
$26.99 (used)
Tired of trying to decipher Feng Shui books and manuals? Unwilling to spend hundreds of dollars to hire a Feng Shui consultant? Not interested in Feng Shui theories - just want to see results? "Feng Shui your Own Home" guides you in a step by step system based on a "Questions and Answers" process. You can advance at your own pace and, as long as you follow the instructions in this manual in the order they are presented to you, you will see the energy of your own home and your life increase and improve as you move along this easy path to Feng Shui. If you feel like other books on this subject are like a maze, you will love this easy to follow road map to a happier, more balanced and more harmonious home! Feng Shui your Own Home puts the ancient wisdom of the Art of Placement at your fingertips.

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Free Yourself from Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Clutter Forever
by: Karen Kingston

price: $14.00 (new),
$0.10 (used)
Clear Your Clutter and Transform Your Life!

Clutter is trapped energy that has far-reaching effects physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The simple act of clearing clutter can transform your life by releasing negative emotions, generating energy, and allowing you to create space in your life for the things you want to achieve. In Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston, pioneer of a branch of Feng Shui known as Space Clearing, expertly guides you through the liberating task of clutter clearing. You will learn:

Why you keep clutter
How to identify and clear clutter in your home or workplace
How to clear clutter from your body, mind, and spirit
How to stay clutter-free

First Impressions with Feng Shui: Tips for Image Building and Personality Makeover to Welcome Feng Shui Prosperity
by: Rizwana Mundewadi

Image building and personality makeovers, not physically but from the feng shui point of view. Simple changes brought about in your self image can transform your life miraculously. This feng shui makeover tips book will take you to a journey of understanding and accepting your true self. Simple easy language with photographs to guide you to begin with simple feng shui tips and get a makeover to transform your life and attract more good luck, wealth and prosperity.
Each tip with insights and guidance.
All the Best from Rizwana !

All the Best!

Feng Shui Tips for Business (Master Jodi's Feng Shui Tips series Book 3)
by: Jodi Brunner

Why are the principles of ancient Chinese wisdom still utilised worldwide by successful businesses?

Successful business strategies are akin to those of ancient warfare.

- Understand how yin and yang can grow your business.
- Utilize excerpts from the Art of War to maximise business potential.
- Determine how the location of a business can impact its success.
- See how placement of desks, cash registers and furniture can aid or disrupt staff harmony, productivity and business prosperity.
- Discover more about the Position of Power.
- Study how numbers and symbols can be represented by the Five Elements in branding and company logos.

These ancient Feng Shui techniques will improve your bottom line.

Jodi Brunner Master of Feng Shui
“Australia’s Foremost Feng Shui Expert”

Jodi is dedicated to the study and practise
of Feng Shui and in 2005, after 10 years
in the industry was honoured with the title
Master of Feng Shui by Master Joseph Yu.

Jodi’s book reveals success secrets for management and staff and she shares some timely wisdom on conducting effective business from the classics.

Purchase all five books in Master Jodi's Feng Shui Tips series and receive a free workbook!

The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story
by: Marie Kondo

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author and star of Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, this graphic novelization brings Kondo's life-changing tidying method to life with the fun, quirky story of a woman who transforms her home, work, and love life using Kondo's advice and inspiration.

Marie Kondo presents the fictional story of Chiaki, a young woman in Tokyo who struggles with a cluttered apartment, messy love life, and lack of direction. After receiving a complaint from her attractive next-door neighbor about the sad state of her balcony, Chiaki gets Kondo to take her on as a client. Through a series of entertaining and insightful lessons, Kondo helps Chiaki get her home--and life--in order. This insightful, illustrated case study is perfect for people looking for a fun introduction to the KonMari Method of tidying up, as well as tried-and-true fans of Marie Kondo eager for a new way to think about what sparks joy. Featuring illustrations by award-winning manga artist Yuko Uramoto, this book also makes a great read for manga and graphic novel lovers of all ages.

Feng Shui Tips: Kitchen Renovations
by: S. Lee Wright

Feng Shui Tips: Kitchen Renovations offers a fresh perspective of the most important space in our homes – the kitchen. Lee explores the history of the heart of the home from ancient times to the modern kitchen and beyond. This book provides you with insights, ideas and real how-to tools for your own kitchen design and renovation project.
Lee shares how you too can bring more abundance into every area of your life by creating the heart of your home in a mindful manner. She does this by demonstrating how to use Feng Shui principles and balance your materials in an elemental manner that will exude happiness for all those that cook, eat and live in your kitchen.
Since it is the most expensive area in your home to renovate, it is essential to get your kitchen renovation project right the first time. Lee guides you with her signature style of DIWY™ (Design-It-With-You™) and follows her passion to help you design your kitchen with intention for a better life. Expertise comes from experience. With Lee’s vast array of completed kitchen renovations and award-winning designs, Lee invites you to learn insider designer tips for how to create a kitchen that is exactly what you have dreamed of.

The Holistic Home: Feng Shui for Mind, Body, Spirit, Space
by: Laura Benko

price: $5.37 (new),
$26.77 (used)
Rule the world and take control of your emotional and mental health from where you sit, stand, and sleep.

The Holistic Home is based on an original lifestyle concept focused on creating a dynamic, healthy, and thoughtful space within yourself and your home by combining three planes of action—mind, body, and spirit—that result in profound change.

The condition of the mind affects the psychology of how you dwell: subconscious influences, decorating with intention, and allowing your emotional issues and challenges to manifest in your space. The physical aspects of your design space, such as furniture positioning, design elements, sustainability, wellness, and organization, are representative of your relationship with your body. And finally, the spirit refers to all the invisible energies within you and your home—feng shui, atmosphere, and the soul of your home.

Years ago, author and holistic feng shui expert Laura Benko was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Around that time, a book serendipitously fell on her head. She took this as a much-needed sign to devote the next decade of her life to research and hundreds of transformative holistic design consultations. Her clients’ real-life, inspiring stories, along with specific actions and tips, have become the foundation for The Holistic Home.

Chapter by chapter, you’ll learn how to holistically tackle it all—relationships, clutter, health, communities, inner balance, and more—by looking within your immediate environment to make direct connections in your life.

Feng Shui Office: 21 Tips For Turning Your Office Into A Success Magnet Using Feng Shui
by: Jon Cheng

Turn Your Office Into A Peaceful Retreat Designed To Attract Success & Wealth With These Feng Shui Office Tips!

Who wants to work in a bland office that does nothing to promote creativity and success? The good news is, you don't have to!

By applying these simple Feng Shui tips to your office space, you'll greatly improve your work space by increasing the flow of energy and promote a prosperous work environment.

How is this possible?

  • How to position your desk to achieve the best results

  • How staying organized can dramatically increase the flow of positive energy in your workplace

  • 5 special plants you can add to instantly improve your work environment and air quality

  • Tip #10: Use the energy map to discover which of the 5 elements should be represented in each area of the office to ensure maximum energy flow

  • How to use that same energy map to determine the colors needed in each area of the office

  • Do you know what the focal point of your office is? If not, we'll tell you how to determine the focal point, and why it is so important

  • How to implement Feng Shui principles in complicated office spaces you might not have total control over - like cubicles!

  • And much more!

Download your copy of Feng Shui Office to start putting these Feng Shui Office tips to work for you.

Your office space doesn't have to be bland and boring. Start attracting success and increase your productivity and wealth with these Feng Shui principles.

I know many people are skeptical of Feng Shui, and I was one of them. But after experiencing the positive effects Feng Shui has made on my life, I fully believe in the power of Feng Shui, and hope you'll give it a chance to make a difference in your life as well.

Get started today!

How to Become Wealthy Using Feng Shui: Top Tips to Attract Money, Manage your Workspace and Using Symbols to Attract More Abundance
by: Dr. E. Dok

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is complex knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

Feng means wind and shui means water. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health, thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune, while bad feng shui means bad luck, or misfortune.

This book is specifically designed to help you to attract more wealth. It will provide useful guidance on how to manage your money wisely and which symbols to use so you can attract more abundance.

Another part is on managing your workspace. This will help to create a powerful place to work in that will bring much better results. All of this and much more in this book.

Garden Feng Shui: An Introduction to Garden Feng Shui
by: Kate Heartfield

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of designing your surroundings to influence your health, success and happiness. This is just as important in the garden as it is in the home or office. If you want your garden to provide what you want – whether it is space for mediation or a place to entertain friends – Feng Shui will help achieve it.

Garden Feng Shui examines the following aspects of this fascinating subject:
-The principles of Feng Shui
- Feng Shui remedies in the garden
-The shape and layout of the garden
-Functional and decorative garden buildings
-Water features
-Seats and ornaments
-Plants to fit in with the Feng Shui of your garden

Create harmony and happiness in your garden with this simple, clear guide.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of designing your surroundings to influence your health, success and happiness. It is a way of being in control of your own life; taking action to change the things you are not satisfied with, and capitalizing on the aspects of your life which you like.

Today, many people have learnt to practice Feng Shui in their homes by rearranging their living space and furniture, redecorating, changing the use of certain rooms and so on. But Feng Shui is every bit as important in the garden as it is indoors. It is no good having a perfect house if your garden is an overgrown mess. If you want every aspect of your life to benefit from good Feng Shui, you must use Feng Shui in every part of your property.

Improve Your Life and Your Garden

Not only will good Feng Shui in the garden bring you benefits in your life in general, it will also have the more specific - but also important - advantage of improving your garden as a place to spend your time. The principles of good Feng Shui are a good set of principles for garden design, too. A good Feng Shui garden is also an attractive and pleasant garden for whatever purpose you want: for meditating, for entertaining friends, for your children to play safely, or simply for relaxing.

The principle behind Feng Shui is that positive cosmic energy, or ch'i, needs to flow smoothly and freely through its surroundings in order to create harmony. This book explains how to improve the flow of ch'i in your own garden. We will look at all the features which go to make up a garden, and consider how each can be used or adapted to maximize good Feng Shui. These features will include:

- the shape of the garden
- entrances and boundaries
- light and shade
- flower beds, lawns, paths and patios
- garden buildings
- water features
- seats and arbours
- statues and ornaments
- plants in the garden.

You will see from this list that although plants are, of course, important in the garden, there are all sorts of other features which matter too. It is perfectly possible to have a garden with virtually no plants in it - especially if you have only a small space - and this does not mean that it cannot have good Feng Shui. The flow of ch'i is certainly affected by plants, but it is just as strongly influenced by paths or buildings, open spaces or brightly colored ornaments.

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