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    Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010 - Yang White Metal Tiger Cures

    On February 4th 2010, year of the Yang White Metal Tiger 2010 will take over Yin Earth Ox 2009 that ending on 3rd February 2010. Therefore we will need to do all the necessary preparation for the Flying Stars 2010 with the cures and prevention measures to welcome a smooth healthy and wealthy Yang Metal Tiger 2010. It is better to do all the vital cures in order to avert any dangers or harms that can befall on you or your family and going through a harmonious year in 2010. Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010 9 Lo Shu Square Trigram Grid is where we will analyse and find out the cures for individual sector area to avert all or any threat of dangers, disasters so we can lead a happy and danger free Metal Tiger year 2010.

    Let's dip into the Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010 9 Lo Shu Square, the
    9 Lo Shu Square Trigram for Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010
    Kan 1 Trigram (Career Star) relocating from North-west to West in Metal Tiger 2010. KAN 1 is an element of Water, moving to West (metal sector) can turn out to be a good combination as according to the productive cycle, Metal produces Water. Therefore if you are activating this sector, you will have enhancementi in career, wealth and financial investments. You will also receive positive results with romance, career promotion, new opporunities and academic achievements.

    If your bedroom, study room or office in this area then activation with 8 pieces of Chinese coins tied in circular formation that signifies water can enhance the sector. Color combination in this sector will be blue, black or grey to activate the metal corner. You can also have a metal safe or having a metal container with all different countries coins will also be an enhancement to your wealth and fortune. For your bedroom, use blue mattress cover, pillow sheets will be a good idea.

    For health issue in bedroom, it will be great to put a brass Wu Lou at the bed head side. Having a metal pot on the office desk will have the attractive of new opportunity and career advancement. If you are still studying then putting a metal abacus can achieve academic success. The color RED is best to avoid in Metal Sector since FIRE is destructive to Metal in accordance to the cycle.

    Kun 2 Trigram (illness Star) moved from West to reside in North-East for Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010. Star #2 is illness Star at now locating in North-East, so it will be best that your main door, bedroom or study room is not in this area. To make it worse, Grand Duke (Tai Sui) is also locating in this sector at 52.5 ? 67.5 degrees. This Star #2 relates to illness, disharmony, bad health, sickness, stress, bad luck and wealth issues. One big important notice - DO NOT activate this North-East sector if you want to avoid all disasters for the sake of your family and yourself.

    Now if you have no choice as your main door, study room, office or bedroom is in this sector, you will have to undertake the cures to reduce or eliminate the dangers you may be facing. What can you do? You should utilize the cures with the use of six-rods metal windchime, Wu Lou and salt water cure in this sector to absorb all the negative Qi energy influence by the illness Star #2. For health, a brass Wu Lou can help to support your health and avoid illness or sickness. Of course, the ultimate solution will be leaving this area without any activities and NOT TO activate it, avoid aggravating the negative energy impact from Star #2 and the Grand Duke. Another thing you must avoid will be NO RED color or anything representing FIRE as the productive cycle - Fire produces Earth. So if you introduce FIRE in this sector, it will activate and enhance the effect of illness Star #2 and Grand Duke. It will definitely be a disaster to do that and putting yourself and family in grave danger.

    Chen 3 Trigram (Quarrel Star - Wood Element) now in South for Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010 after a year in North-East corner for Yin Earth Ox 2009. Classified as the quarrelsome Star #3, the dangers of this Star can invites quarrels, robbery, arguments, disputes, loss tempers, loss financial wealth, divorce and legal issues, theft and dispute problems. Since it may cause alot of disharmony and hostilities among family members, friends, relatives and colleagues, it will be to avoid activation in this sector.

    Quarrel Star #3 is wood element and therefore utilizing RED (Fire element) will put the Star #3 in control. So you can use RED color items in this sector to control the influence of the Star #3. So, remember to avoid Water element here since it will activate and magnify the effect of Quarrel Star #3. The effect can raise to fierce arguments and disagreement among family members, friends and colleagues. Best of all, do not disturb this area leaving it as quiet as possible and also avoid water element. If your bedroom is in this area, using a Brass Wu Lou to improve your health.

    The Sun 4 Trigram (Wood Star) in South sector for Yin Earth Ox 2009 now moving to a new sector at North (Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010) on Metal Tiger 2010. Being romance and educational Star #4, it will help those who are keen to improve their academic examination with excellent results. So, if your study room is located in North sector, you will definitely able to tap this Academic Star #4 to reach excellent result.

    North is water sector and when Star #4 (Wood element) located here will create a auspicious link for academic intelligence, love romance, acadenic wisdom, career advancement, creative thinking and artistic talents development. You can activate this sector using water feature and displaying the double happiness or mandarin ducks (for romance). An important note you have to observe that you do not use RED color or fire element as well as Metal element (Metal destroys wood cycle) in this sector instead blue or black that representing water will help with romance and academic results.

    Feng Shui Flying Star 2010 chart shows 5 Yellow (Misfortune Star) locating in South-West that was previously in North during Yin Earth Ox 2009. It is one of the worst sector when Star #5 Yellow (earth element) and now combining with earth sector in South-West becoming doubly destructive. Extreme care must be taken if your Main door, office or bedroom is located in this sector as it can cause financial losses, robbery, arguments, heated disputes, family discord, misfortune, lawsuits, illnesses, fatal accidents, disharmony and legal problems issues. A word of advice, DO NOT take this lightly as it definitely can have the amplification of misfortune and disaster for your whole family combining both Star #5 and South-West Earth sector.

    It is best to apply all the necessary cures in this sector with 6 metal rod windchimes, 6 chinese coins with red strings tied together and salt water cure to help eliminate all the negative Qi energy of wealth losses, illnesses, health issues, disasters and misfortune. One big important note, DO NOT use FIRE element as it will help to amplify the negative energy causing disasters for you and your family. Instead you can use Metal Element (according to the productive cycle - earth produces metal) to exhaust the earth element thus reducing the effect of the negative energy from the Star #5. Again, using the brass Wu Lou to improve your health status if your bedroom is located in this sector. Since Sui Po affliction is also located in this sector, salt water cure is a must to resolve the negative energy. You can also utilizing the 5 element Pagoda to reduce the negative effect of the 5 Yellow (Misfortune Star) in this sector. Best of all, leave this sector alone without noisy activities along with the cures will help you through the year 2010.

    Chien 6 Trigram (Benevolent Star) lies in East for Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010 from South-West during Yin Earth Ox 2009. This is Benevolent Star #6 and it will bring financial opportunities, excellent wealth, good fortune, career promotion, leadership quality and study achievement. If your Main door located here, you will be rewarded with academic success, career advancement and wealth accumulation.

    If bedroom is located in this sector, then you might want to add cures for your health. Putting a brass Wu Lou at the bed head will help to improve the effect of the negative energy. Use blue, black decor in the bedroom will reduce the negative Qi energy to improve your health further. A nice Quartz Crystal will definitely help alot in this sector.

    Tui 7 (Violent Star) moved to South-East after staying a year in East for 2009. Being a Violent Star #7, it is said to have the negative effect of causing injuries, family disharmony, deception, turbulence, burglary, gossip, violence, theft and assault. In addition, you will have to facing backstabbing including troublemakers during Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010. With this Star #7, you will definitely requires to take additional precautions against theft and robbery should your main door or windows are located in this sector. Every time before you leave your home, please check that all doors and windows are properly secured before leaving your home. It will be good to allow this sector remains as quiet as possible with the least activities will help to reduce any negative effects caused by Star #7. Avoid utilizing fire element as it will likely enhance the effect of the Star #7 negative energy. Water element or blue, black color items will be helpful to reduce the effect of negative energy influence.

    Ken 8 Trigram (Wealth Star) for Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010 travelling South-East location (2009) and landing in the Center of the 9 Lou Shu Square 2010. This auspicious wealth Star #8 will be trapped in the center 2010 Flying Stars. Star #8 is for wealth, fame, fortune, romance and prestige. You suppose to expect wealth, good fortune and excellence in business. Unfortunately, it is now trapped in the center of the 9 Lou Shu Square for Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010. Next thing to do will be applied the right cures to help enhance good positive energy to gain with the Wealth Star #8. What should you be doing? First thing is that you must sure that you do not have heavy metal objects placed in the center of your house as it will simply weaken the effect of the earth element. Instead you should introduce FIRE element (according to the productive cycle - Fire produces Earth element) so that you will be able to enhance the good earth and activating this sector. This will increase your wealth and success thus you can actually have all your important documents and assets placed in this sector. This will help to magnify your wealth and fortune as well as attracting windfall. Placing an amethyst crystal in the center will activate the wealth Star #8 and also using the 3 legged Money Frog helps to attract wealth and fortune. This is also useful if your bedroom is located here. Only thing you must bear in mind is NOT to use heavy metal as it will exhaust your earth element in the center causing you to have financial losses.

    Li 9 (Purple Star) for Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010 has landed in North-West after staying a year in Center for Yin Earth Ox 2009. This Purple Star #9 is also known as the Future Wealth Star. If you have your office or main door located in this area then you can activate it to have accumulation of future wealth and fortune. It will also be good for academic or relationship. Placing 6 chinese coins tied with red string will help to reduce the effect by monthly visiting #2 & #5 influences or using the brass Wu Lou for health. It will good to enhance this sector with healthy plants that will activate prosperity, health and wealth for the whole family.