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    Feng Shui Flying Stars - Yang White Metal Tiger 2010 Prediction

    2010 Feng Shui For Yang Metal Tiger

    Another year has passed as we are coming to an end for 2009 Yin Earth Ox and soon on 4th February 2010, we will be welcoming Yang White Metal Tiger 2010. As the new year 2010 is approaching, we will need to prepare Feng Shui Flying Stars 2010 in order for us to embrace its coming with cures and preventive measures for a prosperous year to come.

    A quick glance at the 9 Lo Shu Square for the coming annual Flying Stars, we can see that the illness Star #2 now locates in North-East moved from West in 2009. Being illness Star that can seriously affecting your health and even causing fatal death. So, if you can avoid sleeping in this sector for 2010, it will be best. If not, then you will need to take all the necessary precautions and cures to overcome this illness Star. The famous Grand Duke (Tai Sui) is still located in North-East but now at 52.5 ? 67.5 degrees. By all means do not take lightly of this sector where Tai Sui is located and avoid at all cost not to renovate, digging or making noises in this area. Those who failed to do so may result in gossip, career failure, misunderstanding, sickness, injuries and even fatal death can occur. You can sit with your back facing Grand Duke to have its support but never face its direction otherwise you will face the consequences. The result can cause fatal illnesses, family breakup, bad relationship, gossips, violents and arguments. Best of all, leave this area alone for the rest of the year 2010 until 3rd February 2011.

    South-West is the new location for 5 Yellow as it shifted from the North in 2009. 5 Yellow has the same effect as the Tai Sui, so it will be best to avoid activities and disturbance in this sector. The requirement will be the same as Tai Sui, so avoid doing any digging or renovation in Yang Metal Tiger 2010. If you do not heed this advice, you may face with bankruptcy, family breakup, fatal illnesses, arguments or fatal accidents. To avoid disaster happening for you and your family, do not have any activity or reduce it to avert the effect of 5 Yellow in the sector.

    Located in the East on 2009, the Violent Star #7 has relocated to South-East. Relating the Violent Star #7, it comes with a high risk of creating havoc with burglary, financial losses, deception, copyright theft, business losses, robbery, theft, gossip assault, violent fighting, family disturbance, deceit, sickness and arguments. Never sit with your back facing South-East otherwise you will encounter back-stabbing. At the same time, it will be better to add some cures and preventive measures to help you in the Yang Metal Tiger 2010.

    Now it will be best to refer the Flying Stars analysis for cures in Yang White Metal Tiger 2010 Cure. All the necessary preparation will involve with vital cures to attend for Grand Duke (Tai Sui), 3 Killings, 5 Yellow and Su Po (locating in South-West at 232.5 - 247.5) to overcome crisis and enjoy a prosperous year 2010.