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    Feng Shui Flying Stars - Yin White Metal Rabbit 2011 Prediction

    2011 Feng Shui For Yin White Metal Rabbit (Year Of Xin Mao)

    As we are approaching to another new year that starts on 4th February 2011 approximately at the hour of 12.30, it will be welcoming Li Chun of the solar Hsia calendar called Spring according to the Tong Shu Book. This will marked the ending of Yang White Metal Tiger 2010 and the starts of Yin Metal Rabbit 2011 that will end on 22 January 2012. Since the new year 2011 is approaching, we will require to do some preparation with the basic Feng Shui Flying Stars 2011 to embrace ourselves with cures and preventive measures against Sha Qi and other bad influences to have a peaceful and prosperous year 2011 ahead.

    As you may realise that in the year 2011, both the elements Metal and Wood are conflicting. Due to this conflict, it will concern with the financial sectors in that industrial with some issues. Overall in global business operations, there will be likely some stringnet financial control for investment and property markets. We will witness floods and earthquakes round the world including the forests fires.

    Taking a quick look at the Lo Shu Square for annual Flying Stars, we notice the illness Star #2 in North-East relocates to South sector. This will affect your personal health and could be fatal if not taken care of with the correct cure in place. Simple thumb rule is to avoid having your bed in this corner if possible. Otherwise, you will need to use some of the cures to resolve this issue to avoid complications. As for the Tai Sui (known as Grand Duke) that was in North-East has moved to East at 82.5 ? 97.5 degrees of the compass direction. As per yearly advice, it should not be taken lightly where Tai Sui is located here. Always try to avoid at all cost not to renovate, digging or making noises in this area. As usual, never to move the earth at East sector since it will definitely offend the Grand Duke. Those who failed to do so may result in gossip, career failure, financial losses, lawsuit, misunderstanding, sickness, injuries and even fatal death can occur. Of course if you are sitting with your back facing Grand Duke, then you will have its support. But always remember that you should never face its direction otherwise you will have to deal with the consequences. Knowing that theconsequences are never good as it can cause fatal illnesses, family breakup, bad relationship, gossips, violents and arguments. As the saying goes, it is best to leave this area alone throughout the year 2011 until 3rd February 2012.

    South-West of the 5 Yellow has shifted to East at 67.5 to 112.5 degrees in 2011. If you remember correct, having the 5 Yellow is like having Tai Sui. Again, we advice everyone to avoid activities and disturbance in this sector. Same like the Grand Duke, best to avoid doing any digging or renovation in Yin White Metal Rabbit 2011. For those who do not heed this advice, then you have to answer the consequences of bankruptcy, family breakup, fatal illnesses, arguments or fatal accidents. We can never stress enough to everyone that for you and your family's sake, do not have any activity or reduce it to avert the effect of 5 Yellow in the East sector for 2011.

    From South-East of the Violent Star #7, it moves to the Center of the house. Violent Star #7 is high risk of havoc related to burglary, financial losses, deception, copyright theft, business losses, robbery, theft, gossip assault, violent fighting, family disturbance, deceit, sickness and arguments. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to add some cures and preventive measures to assist you with peaceful transition in the Yin White Metal Rabbit 2011.

    Remember these 3 afflictions for Feng Shui - Grand Duke (Tai Sui), 5 Yellow and 3 Killings. We will now look into the basic Flying Star analysis to know the right cures and precautions needed for Yin White Metal Rabbit 2011. Remember that we are advising you to take necessary preparation that will aid you with vital cures For Yin White Metal Rabbit 2011 that relates to Grand Duke (Tai Sui), 3 Killings, 5 Yellow and Su Po (locating in the West at 262.5 - 277.5). This will allow you and your family to overcome any danger of crisis while enjoying your prosperous new year 2011.