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Feng Shui Kua Calculator - Kua number 9

  You belong to the East Group and your Kua Number is 9.
You are born under the year of LI trigram with Kua Number 9 with the element as Fire. You are warm-hearted, full of energy and very affection person. Compare with the rest of the Kuas, you are known to be the most enlighten, full of passion and spiritual minded person. You are filled with desire to seek the truth and sharing it with others. You are able to enlighten others to see the truth in everything you seek to show. You have the intelligent to uncover mysteries or resolve tough problems or situation. You tend to have little patience for anyone that does not match your standard. You like to seek fame and respect thus making you a little vain. You need to control your temper as you can easily burst in flame and getting out of control for being hot-tempered.

Compatibility With Kua Element

FIRE: You are full of fire and active person that get along well with the same element.

EARTH: Being a intelligent person, you will have a compatible relationship with earth element person.

METAL: As a fire person, you tend to melt a metal element therefore it will be better to have a small flame to improve relationship.

WATER: As a fire person, you are afraid of water element since it can put your fire out.

WOOD: You definitely love wood element as your best friend. You are perfectly match-make with wood element.

Four Best Directions For Kua Number 9

Sheng Chi - East Tien Yi - Southeast Nien Yen - North Fu Wei - South

Sheng Chi : East

Your very best direction is East and it is excellent to create your wealth. Activating this location will bring prosperity for your business and intelligent for education. The source of Sheng Chi brings abundance of prosperity when your main door has this facing, bedroom location, study room or work place. It will be unfavorable if it is located for your toilet or kitchen.

Tien Yi : South-East

Your 2nd best direction is Southeast and it brings good health and safety. Activating this sector will cure illness and sickness. The source of Tien Yi brings good health and curing those who are suffering from illnesses. It will be good if located in the bedroom or dining hall. For your cooker where the source of this energy coming from, pointing it to the direction will enhance the curing effect.

Nien Yen : North

Your 3rd best direction is North and it is for relationship. Activating this sector will create harmonious and goodwill family relationship. Where there are quarrels or bickerings, it will be best to activate this location resulting a more harmonious relationship.

Fu Wei : South

Your 4th best direction is South and it is represented as stability, clear thinking and good life. It will be best for children to study and creates kindness, respect and obedient.

Four Worst Directions For Kua Number 9

Ho Hai - Northeast Wu Kuei - West Liu Sha - Southwest Chueh Ming - Northwest

Chueh Ming : North-West

Your Worst direction is Northwest and it is represented Total Loss. This direction will bring demotion or job loss and if main door faces here then you will lose your descendants or family members come to an end. This sector can cause misfortune, bankruptcy, broken marriages, illness or death.

Liu Sha : South-West

Your 2nd Worst direction is Southwest and it causes legal problems, conflict or grievous harm to your family. Family will constantly get ill and could lead to death. This location is best to at toilet or kitchen area to suppress its negative energy.

Wu Kuei : West

Your 3rd Worst direction is West and it is meant as 5 Ghosts. This direction will bring fire, accidents, backstabbing and result in many quarrels within the household. It will lead to losses, confusion, sex scandals and burglary. To suppress the ill effect, it is best to locate your toilet or kitchen for Wu Kuei sector.

Ho Hai : North-East

Your 4th Worst direction is Northeast and this sector brings mishaps and accidents that leads to disaster. It will create arrogance, arguments, losses and losing money.

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