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    Feng Shui - Fire Pig 2007 Cures

    A new year is just round the corner as Fire Dog 2006 is making way for the Fire Pig 2007 arriving on 18th February. We have to prepare ourselves with the necessary cures to avoid dangers & harms befall on us and create a harmonious & healthy living in our house. We will investigate the individual Trigram for Flying Stars for 2007 and make preparation to welcome year of the Fire Pig 2007.

    Looking at the 2007 for the 9 Lo Shu Square of Flying Stars, the Kan 1 Trigram (Career Star) has moved from East to be located in the South East corner. Being the element of water (KAN), it has moved to the South East of wood location has a good indication of wealth, promotion, romance and career with positive results. It creates an opportunity of reward for wealth and income. One thing needs your attention will be that Sui Po (known to be Broken Year) is also located in South East corner directly opposite of the Grand Duke (Tai Sui). This means that it can have the effect of downfall in career, studies, gossips and argument in home. Avoid carryng out renovation or noisy activities that will activate Sui Po. You can use the six metal rod wind chime or the Pi Yao to suppress this area.

    Ideal for study room, bedroom, office in South East location. To activate this corner, you can use 8 pieces of Chinese coin tied in a circle formation. Blue color signifies water which is good if you have the wall painted or your bed sheet, pillows, etc with blue in color. Create your own water feature in this corner to activate your wealth and fortune.

    According to the five cycles of element, Metal produces water therefore if your bedroom is located in the South East by using a brass Wu Lou to improve health issue. A metal wealth pot on your office desk will attract opportunity and improve career. For academic success, you can choose to activate this corner with a metal abacus.

    Flying Star 2007, the Kun 2 Trigram (illness Star) has moved from the South East and is now located in the Center. Based on the Black illness Star located here, this is not a favorable sector and it will be best to avoid. With the illness Star in this sector, you will have the effect of bad health, sickness, undue stress, gossip and disharmony. Being center, the bad effect is likely to spread across the rest of the 8 sectors if you do not take any precaution.

    To eliminate illness Star and cure, you can use the wind chimes, Wu Lou and salt water cure to absorb all the negative chi influence. Using a wooden Wu Lou in this sector to give support for good health. The best alternative is to stop all activities in this sector and avoid painting red color as it will aggravate the negative impact.

    Moving on to Chen 3 Trigram (Quarrel Star - Wood Element), you can see that it has moved from Center to be located in the North West of the 9 Lo Shu Square. As far as possible, avoid visiting this sector as it has a high possibility of injuries, fatal accidents, arguments, robberies, quarrelling, loss of wealth, health issues and family disputes problems. It is best to keep this area as quiet as possible with the least activities otherwise it will create many disharmony and hostilities among family members, friends, relatives and colleagues. This sector is occupied by Grand Duke (Tai Sui) therefore you have to be extra careful in terms of cures or enhancement. If you do not take precaution, it may result having illnesses, injuries, loss of wealth and accidents. Take note that you do not sit facing the Grand Duke otherwise having this confrontation will cause loss in financial, losing your job or career and facing great obstacles. Alternatively, it is best to have your back facing North-West to gain support from the Grand Duke. Placing a Pi Yao or dragon tortoise in the South- East sector to face within 15 degrees (322.5 to 337.5) of North-West where Grand Duke is located to appease him. If it is unavoidable that you need to carry out work in this sector, using six metal tube wind chime to reduce the effect.

    Remember that water feature will enhance this sector therefore it is best to avoid doing so as it will have adverse effect to magnify the negative influence. The effect of this Star can result in fierce arguments and disagreement. It will be best if this sector is left alone without any activities to aggravate the negative influence. To control this sector, you can use red color or fire representation to control the effect of Quarrel Star (Wood element). Best to keep this sector quiet without noise disturbance. For health issue, using a brass Wu Lou to place in the bedroom if it is located in this sector.

    The Sun 4 Trigram (Wood Star) is now relocated from the North West to the West in Flying Star 2007. Unfortunately the 3 Killings (between 232.5 to 307.5 degrees) now occupies this sector that has the worst affliction as compare with Grand Duke and 5 Yellow. 3 Killings signifies quarrels, robbery, accidents, injuries or even death. No form of renovation or Yang activities to be at this part of area until 3rd February 2008 otherwise you will encounter never ending of legal problems, accidents, injuries or potential death. Utilizing the Chi Lins facing West (between 232.5 to 307.5 degrees) will help to suppress the bad chi of 3 Killings.

    Using water feature, mandarin ducks or double happiness wording can activate the auspicious star for romance. But be aware that in doing so it might bring in a third party involvement. It is an auspicious Star to help in study and creativity. To enhance, use water feature or blue colors for studies and knowledge. Color to avoid will be RED and instead you can try using blue or black that represents water which is good enhancement for romance, career and study. Flying Star 2007, the 5 Yellow (Misfortune Star) at West (2006) now been relocated to North East sector. The thumb rule to avoid this Misfortune Star (5 Yellow), best recommendation is avoid all activities (Yang chi) in this sector to reduce the effect of bankruptcy, injuries, family disharmony, ailment, disaster, health issues, loss of fortune and legal issues. Once you have activated this corner, it will cause amplification of family discord, misfortune, lawsuits, illnesses, fatal accidents, disharmony and disaster.

    To cure, you can use 6 metal rod wind chimes plus the salt water cure to absorb all negative chi that creates illness, health issues, disasters and loss of wealth. Bear in mind that you need to avoid activating this sector with activities. It is best to leave this sector as it is without doing anything. You can also utilizing the 5 element Pagoda to reduce the negative effect of the 5 Yellow (Misfortune Star) in this sector.

    Now we can see that Chien 6 Trigram (Benevolent Star) has relocated from North East sector to South in 2007. Being the Benevolent Star as well as the annual star, this is an excellent opportunity for fortune, career advancement, leadership and education achievement. It will be even better if main door faces this direction, you will be rewarded with success in education, career or wealth.

    If one is worried about health, then by using a blue color shade in this sector will improve health matter. If your bedroom is located in this sector, you can tap on the positive chi energy to generate wealth for the whole family. Try placing a 3 Legged Money Frog in this sector to boost your income intake by activating the heavenly luck.

    From South, the Tui 7 (Violent Star) now has moved to the North in Flying Star 2007. This star is well known to create injuries, family disharmony, turbulence, violence, theft and assault. Should your door or windows are in this location, it is advisable to take extra precautions to secure all windows and doors to prevent theft. Using blue color will control the negative influence. Best to avoid activating this sector with red color as it will enhance the negative element. Using a bronze coin sword to reduce the effect of the negative influence. Placing a crystal ball or other crystals elements in this sector will absorb the negative chi and enhance the good star for opportunity.

    Ken 8 Trigram (Wealth Star) travels from North to South West in Flying Star 2007. The Auspicious Wealth Star Ken 8 signifies prosperity in the South West Sector. With that in mind, you are likely to expect wealth, good fortune and excellence if your main door is in this location. Knowing that you can get wealth, fame, fortune, romance and prestige with your main door or office in this sector. You can use crystals to activate this sector will improve in wealth, fame, fortune, prestige and good relationship. At the same time, you can place a bagua shape coin in this area will activate the wealth star. Avoid water feature activation for wealth unless advice by Feng Shui master. Using a Laughing Buddha with amethyst crystal in this sector will activate the wealth star. Placing a 3 Legged Money Frog and Metal Wealthpot filled with gold ingots will enhance your wealth and magnify your fortune to attract windfall. If this sector is located in your bedroom, you can activate your romance using amethyst or other crystals.

    From South West, Li 9 (Purple Star) starts shifting to East in Flying Star 2007. As the Purple Star is the future wealth star, it promotes business, joy and career growth when you have your office or main door in this sector. It is always a good idea to place an amethyst crystal in this corner that will activate long term prosperity and good fortune. If this is the study room, then your children will be able to excel in their education results. Creating your own wealth vase will further activate and enhance the good wealth for the future. Placing a turtle in the East area will help you to attract prosperity, good health and wealth. If you want to have children, having a bedroom in the sector will bring greater chance of fertility.