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    Feng Shui - Fire Pig 2007 Prediction

    The Year Of Fire Pig 2007 Fengshui

    This year for the Fire Pig 2007 falls on 18th February 2007 and it is vital to embrace ourselves with all necessary preparation and cures to usher the new year!

    Reference to the nine Lo Shu Square of annual Flying Stars, the center earth palace is occupied by the illness Star #2 that will affect your health. Ignoring the symptom of health sickness may result in fatal death therefore you must take preventive measures to cure them. Northwest is now occupied by Chen 3 and Grand Duke. Chen 3 Quarrel Star will cause fighting, destruction, misunderstanding, killing, gossip, disharmony and hostilities among one another thus not a peaceful year 2007. This is worst in Northwest since Chen 3 meets up with Grand Duke (Tai Sui) in this location. It is likely to be having families breakup, arguments, bad relationships, violent,gossips, etc and be best prepared to prevent or overcome.

    5 Yellow occupies Northeast that can cause bankruptcy and fatal accidents. It is classified as the worst of all location this year and it can cause family breakup, fatal accidents, disharmony and fatal ailment. 3 Killings has moved from North and is now located in the West sector. It is known that 3 Killings bring consequences of legal problems, lawsuits, theft, argument and even death. The general rule of sitting position is to avoid your back facing the 3 Killings otherwise you will be in for trouble of getting back stabbing.

    North is invaded by the Violent Star #7 that causes violence, accidents, theft, financial losses and family disturbance. Execute your cure to prevent issues & impact and it might be all turn out well for the year 2007.

    You can read more about the Flying Stars analysis for the Fire Pig 2007 Cure. It is extremely vital of importance to do the cures for the 5 Yellow, Grand Duke (Tai Sui) and 3 Killings.