• 2006 Feng Shui 2006 Fire Dog


    Feng Shui - Fire Dog 2006 Prediction

    This year for the Fire Dog 2006 falls on 29th January 2006 and it is time again to embrace ourselves to a better year with some preparations and cures.

    Based on the nine Lo Shu Square of annual Flying Stars, the center earth palace will be invaded by wood causing destruction. Chen 3 Quarrel Star will cause fighting, destruction, misunderstanding, killing, gossip, disharmony and hostilities among one another thus not a peaceful year 2006. It is likely to be having disasters, plague, flooding, etc and be best prepared to prevent or overcome.

    Care should be taken for Dragon year as it conflicts with Fire Dog 2006. Metal Dragon will face the worst outcome since Fire is destructive to Metal Element. It is best for Dragon not to venture into high risks business and over-exerting your health. Execute your cure to prevent issues & impact and it might be all turn out well for the year 2006.

    For Fire Dog 2006, the 3 Killings is located in the North and it is vital that no noisy activities to be carried out during this year 2006 otherwise you will suffer the consequences of argument, illness and losing money. No work or renovation is to be done during this Fire Dog 2006 year to avoid disturbance. The general rule of sitting position is to avoid your back facing the 3 Killings otherwise you will be in for trouble of getting back stabbing.

    You can read more about the Flying Stars analysis for the Fire Dog 2006 Cure. It is very important to do the cures for the 5 Yellow, Grand Duke (Tai Sui) and 3 Killings.