• 2005 Feng Shui 2005 Wood Rooster


    Feng Shui Cures - Yin Wood Rooster 2005

    Preparation for year of the Rooster 2005

    As we are closing in to another new year of the Yin Wood Rooster 2005 for the Period 8, there are several things we have to lookout like the Bad Stars location and the Grand Duke (Tai Sui) conflicts. In order to have a good year, you will need to have cures for these critical areas of your house. Using your mouse, point to the individual sector of the chart below, you will see a brief explanation of the Stars.


    For Period 8, the Wealth Star 8 is considered the most important star that comes to South sector. Therefore, you need to fully utilize this sector to magnify your luck, wealth, success, etc in your business opportunity, career or fame. To enhance your wealth in this corner, you can put anything related to money like the money frog, wealth pot, gold ingot, jewellery, etc to attract and magnify your wealth and windfall. Creates activities in this sector to generate incoming wealth.

    Career Star 1 is located in this sector. This means that you will be advancing up the corporate ladder and expecting promotion and long term career prosperity.

    The necessary steps have to be taken in order to activate this Star for all good things to come. Placing a Dragon Tortoise to represent the success of the personal career. As this year is Yin Wood Rooster, the inclusion of water will be necessary to enhance a good year ahead. A metal abacus in this corner will boost your success in career. If this sector is located in your bedroom, it is better to place a Wu Lou to avoid poor health.

    The Grand Duke (Tai Sui) has moved into this sector and the conflict should not be taken lightly. If there is a disturbance in this sector, the effects will result in sickness, fatal injury, career failure and illness. Do not enhance this sector with any construction or movement. The cure will be placing a metal Pi Yao in the East facing West within the angle of 262.5 - 277.5 degrees where Tai Sui is located. It is of great importance that you DO NOT sit in the East facing West for the entire year of 2005 to avoid crashing with Tai Sui.

    The Misfortune Star 5 (known as 5 Yellow) is now located in this sector. Any enhancement will amplify family discord, lawsuits, illnesses, fatal accidents, disharmony and disaster. Remember not create any noisy activities, construction or renovation work in this sector for the entire year of 2005. For the cure, you can use a metal windchime in this sector. Also, you can apply the salt water cure.

    The Purple Star 9 resides in the North sector is the future wealth for career advancement and promotions. Enhance this sector for your fame, growth, advance improvement and career opportunity. Placing Wealth God, wealth frog, wealth pot, ingots and treasure box will activate this sector. It is also a good opportunity to start a new business when activating this sector.

    Violent Star 7 is located in this sector. This Star will bring violence, theft, family conflicts, fire hazards, wealth losses and body injuries. Use a coin sword and blue color element to encounter the bad influence by this Star. If this sector is located at your main door or windows area, ensure that you lock and secure all doors and windows to prevent theft or burglary.

    This sector is occupied by the Illness Star 2. It can be expected to cause fatal accidents, career failures, family discords, loss of wealth, loss of jobs and health problems. To cure, you require to place a metal Wu Lou with six old coins tied with red string. Placing a Wealth God in this sector will ensure safekeeping of your fortune. A windchime with six hollow metal rods will be able to absorb all the negative chi created by the illness Star 2. As this is the wood corner, DO NOT have RED color items, painting or triangle shaped object (representing FIRE) as it will activate the illness Star 2.

    Quarrel Star 3 is now located in this sector. This corner will create quarrels among friends, family, colleagues and also involve with lawsuits, office problems, burglary, theft, danger of injury and gossips in work, family and friends. It is advisable to avoid office politics and check on documents carefully before committing. Do not use any metal objects in this sector otherwise it will aggravate it. You may try putting a Laughing Buddha in this sector to calm it or placing a light to reduce the effect.

    The center is sometimes considered as the heart of the house where the source of energy is the strongest. This Romance Star 4 creates opportunity for people who are looking for love. Putting the Mandarin Duck here will spice up the relationship.