• 2008 Feng Shui 2008 Earth Rat


    Earth Rat 2008 Prediction

    This year for the Earth Rat 2008 falls on 7th February 2007 and it is vital to embrace ourselves with all necessary preparation and cures on 4th February 2008 to usher the new year!

    Reference to the nine Lo Shu Square of annual Flying Stars, the Northwest is occupied by the illness Star #2 that will affect your health causing sickness. It will be preferably to avoid sleeping in this corner. This is serious as the outcome might be fatal death if you do not take the necessary measures to cure or avoid this sector. North is now occupied by Xiang Sha and Grand Duke. It is best to avoid or prepare cures to prevent misunderstanding, gossip, career downfall, sickness or fatal injuries. This year Tai Sui is located at 352.5-7.5 degrees at North 2 Sector. One word of advice, do not face North but instead having your back against will enhance support when comes to business contract or career advancement. Remember not to have any renovation in this corner as it is likely to be having families breakup, arguments, bad relationships, violent,gossips, etc and be best prepared to prevent or overcome.

    The worst sector for 2008 is in the South as now it is occupied by the 5 Yellow and Three Killings. Best option will be avoided doing any renovation or activation in this sector to prevent fatal accidents or bankruptcy. This is classified as the worst for all location in the year 2008. Based on the combination of both 5 Yellow and Three Killings, it will cause your family breakup, theft, argument, fatal illness and even death. Avoiding the 3 Killings will help you to prevent loss of wealth or robberies. Remember not to activate this sector otherwise it will enhance and double the effect of harm to your family and properties.

    The Violent Star #7 has moved from North to Southwest that will create havoc with financial lossess, business loss, robbery, theft, injury, violent fighting and family disturance. Best to do some cures to prevent such issues and impact for you and your family to turn around for the best of 2008.

    Please refers to our Flying Stars analysis for the Earth Rat 2008 Cure. Kindly do bear in mind that you should be making all critical cures for the 5 Yellow, Grand Duke (Tai Sui) and 3 Killings to have a peaceful and health year of 2008.