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    Feng Shui - Yin Earth Ox 2009 Cures

    Outgoing year of the Earth Rat 2008 and soon the coming of the Yin Earth Ox 2009 appearing before us on 4th February 2009. Based on the annual Flying Stars 2009, we all must make the necessary preparation for cures to enter smoothly for health, wealth and good fortune. Getting the cures to avoid dangers and harms that may befall on anyone of us to create a harmonious living in your house. Looking at the 9 Lo Shu Grid Trigram, we will find out the cures for each sector in order to divert any dangers or disasters to lead a prosperous year of the Yin Earth Ox 2009.

    Taking a view at the 9 Lo Shu Square for the Flying Stars, the
    Nine Lo Shu Square Trigram
    Kan 1 Trigram (Career Star) is changing its position from the center palace to North West sector. Being the element of water (KAN), moving to North West (metal sector) proof to be a good combination since Metal produces Water. Activation of this sector will enhance your career, wealth and finance. Using crystals will furtherr enhance wealth, promotion, romance and career with positive results. It creates an opportunity of reward for wealth and income. By activating this sector, it will overall enhance good career future and advancement.

    Utilizing this sector for study room, bedroom, office in NW location. Activation can be done using 8 pieces of Chinese coin tied in a circle formation or using blue color signifies water if you have the wall painted or your bed sheet, pillows, etc with blue in color. Create your own water feature in this corner to activate your wealth and fortune.

    According to the five cycles of element, Metal produces water therefore if your bedroom is located in North West by using a brass Wu Lou to improve health issue. A metal wealth pot on your office desk will attract opportunity and improve career. For academic success, you can choose to activate this corner with a metal abacus. But please AVOID using RED color as it will be destructive since fire destroys metal as well as diminish water.

    Kun 2 Trigram (illness Star) has relocated from North West to reside in West corner in 2009. Since this sector is now occupied by the Black illness Star, it will be best not to have your bedroom or study room in this sector. Kun 2 in West sector will cause you and your family to have bad health, illness, sickness, undue stress and disharmony. It is of utmost importance that you remember avoid this sector and do not activate it for the sake of yourself and family members.

    What happen if your study room or bedroom happens to be situated in this sector? What you can do is to use wind chimes, Wu Lou and salt water cure to absorb all the negative chi influence to eliminate the illness star. Using a brass Wu Lou in this sector to give support for good health. Nevertheless, the best alternative solution is to stop all activities in this sector and remember not to activate this sector as it will aggravate the negative impact.

    Chen 3 Trigram (Quarrel Star - Wood Element), from west to settle down in North East corner in Yin Earth Ox 2009. Being a quarrelsome star, it will cause gossips and quarrels among friends and family members. At the same time, Grand Duke (Tai Sui) is now resided in this sector that makes it to be the worst sector in Yin Earth Ox 2009 year. Always remember NEVER to sit facing Grand Duke (Tai Sui) at 22.5 - 37.5 degrees othewise you will be in grave danger. What can you do? It will definitely be your best to avoid visiting this sector as it has a high possibility of injuries, fatal accidents, arguments, robberies, quarrelling, loss of wealth, health issues and family disputes problems though sometimes it may be hard to do so. For everyone in your family's sake, keep this area as quiet as possible with the least activities otherwise it will create many disharmony and hostilities among family members, friends, relatives and colleagues.

    Quarrel Star #3 is wood element, according the the 5 elements cycle, it will be best not to have water feature. Why? Since it will activate the element and enhancing the negative effects as you do not want to magnify the influence. The effect of this Star can result in fierce arguments and disagreement. Your very best solution will be leaving this sector alone without any activities to aggravate the negative influence. To reduce the effect of the Quarrel Star #3 (wood element), according to the 5 elements cycle, you can opt to use red color or fire representation to control the effect of Quarrel Star (Wood element). Nevertheless, to resolve any conflict or disaster, it will be best to keep this sector quiet without noise disturbance. If your bedroom is located in this sector, then you can make use of a brass wu lou to help and improve your health.

    The Sun 4 Trigram (Wood Star) is moving from North East to South sector in Yin Earth Ox Flying Star 2009. This Educational Star #4 assist for those who are thinking or now taking academic examination will excel in their results. Having your study room in South Sector will enable you to tap on the Academic Star #4 for better results this year.

    South sector is very ideal for romance and using water feature to activate, double happiness wording or mandarin ducks. Being an auspicious Star in the South, you can gain in academic, career, business and creativity. Activation by using water feature or blue colors for studies and knowledge. Care must be taken as to avoid will be RED color and instead you can try using blue or black that represents water which is good enhancement for romance, career, business and study.

    In the year of Yin Earth Ox 2009, the Flying Star chart shows the 5 Yellow (Misfortune Star) at South sector being moved to North location. The 5 Yellow is earth element and locating in the North (element water) which is destructive in accordance to the Destruction Cycle Of the 5 Elements. It will be utmost important to remember never to activate or have any activities in this sector for the whole year 2009 in order to avoid misfortune happening to you or your family. If you do not heed this advice, it definitely has the effect of bankruptcy, injuries, family disharmony, ailment, disaster, health issues, loss of fortune and legal issues. 5 Yellow will cause amplification of family discord, misfortune, lawsuits, illnesses, fatal accidents, disharmony and disaster. Therefore you should not be taking this lightly as it can cause misfortune and disaster for the whole family.

    At the same time, it will be best to apply some form of cure in this sector like using 6 metal rod wind chimes plus the salt water cure to absorb all negative chi that creates illness, health issues, disasters and loss of wealth. According the 5 element cycle, avoid using RED as it signifies FIRE that produces Earth as you DO NOT WANT to enhance it but instead you should be using METAL since it will help to exhaust the EARTH element (Earth produces Metal). You can use round metal container as cure in this sector. It will be best to bear in mind that you need to avoid activities this sector. It is best to leave this sector as it is without doing anything. You can also utilizing the 5 element Pagoda to reduce the negative effect of the 5 Yellow (Misfortune Star) in this sector.

    Now we can see that Chien 6 Trigram (Benevolent Star) has changed from North to South West sector in Yin Earth Ox 2009. Being the Benevolent Star as well as the annual star, it brings excellent opportunity for wealth, good fortune, career advancement, leadership and education achievement. If your main door happens to locate in this sector then you will be rewarded with success in education, career or wealth. Unfortunately, this year Sui Po is now located in 202.5-217.5 degrees in this sector. As we know the Sui Po (year breaker) conflict should never be taken lightly as it can be disaster if you do not observe some simple rules.

    If you are concerned about health, then by using a blue color shade to boost health matter. Having your bedroom in this location, you can tap on the positive chi energy to generate wealth for the whole family. Try placing a 3 Legged Money Frog in this sector to boost your income intake by activating the heavenly luck.

    From South West, the Tui 7 (Violent Star) now has relocated to the East in Yin Earth Ox 2009. According to Violent Star #7, it is well known to create injuries, family disharmony, turbulence, violence, theft and assault. Worst of all, you might be facing backstabbing including troublemakers in this sector. Therefore, for your safety, it is best to have additional precautions against theft and robbery should your main door or windows are located in this sector. Ensure that all doors and windows are properly secured before leaving your home. Remember to avoid activating this sector otherwise it will enhance and make the situation worst. Utilizing blue color to control the negative influence thus reducing the effect of the violent star. Using a bronze coin sword to reduce the effect of the negative influence. You can also use crystal ball or other crystals elements in this sector that will absorb the negative chi and enhance the good star for opportunity.

    Ken 8 Trigram (Wealth Star) travels from East to South East sector in Flying Star 2009. You will be able to find prosperity in the South East sector as it is now having the Auspicious Wealth Star Ken 8 in this location. It's best to have your main door or office in this sector, as you are likely to expect wealth, good fortune and excellence in business. With this Wealth Star settling in this sector, you can get wealth, fame, fortune, romance and prestige with your main door or office. You can use crystals to activate this sector will improve in wealth, fame, fortune, study, prestige and good relationship. At the same time, you can place a bagua shape coin in this area will activate the wealth star. Using a Laughing Buddha with amethyst crystal in this sector will activate the wealth star. Placing a 3 Legged Money Frog and Metal Wealthpot filled with gold ingots will enhance your wealth and magnify your fortune to attract windfall. If this sector is located in your bedroom, you can activate your romance using amethyst or other crystals.

    From South East, Li 9 (Purple Star) starts shifting to Center sector in Yin Earth Ox 2009. It is known that the Purple Star Li #9 is the future wealth star, if your office or main door locating in this sector, then you can accumulate wealth and fortune. Activating this sector will allow you to enjoy the business advancement, joy and career growth. Making use of this Li 9 Star to help you to create a long term prosperity and good fortune for you and your family in the future. Utilizing a crystal wealth vase or bowl to activate and enhance the Purple Star Li #9. Should your children are still studying, then it will be great for them to tap the Purple Star Li #8 to excel in their examination. If you are thinking of having children, then having your bedroom in this sector will be a better chance of fertility. This area is also the best place to activate for prosperity, health and wealth for the whole family.