• 2009 Feng Shui 2009 Earth Ox


    The Year Of Yin Earth Ox 2009 Fengshui

    As we are approaching the year of Yin Earth Ox 2009, the earthly Rat 2008 is coming to an end on 3rd February 2009. The Yin Earth Ox 2009 falls on 4th February 2009 and it is time we get ourselves ready to embrace its coming with all the necessary preparation and cures.

    Take a look at the 9 Lo Shu Square for the annual Flying Stars, the illness Star #2 has moved from North-West to occupy West in Yin Earth Ox 2009. This sector is best to avoid as it will affect your health causing illness. It may result in fatal death if you insist on sleeping on this corner without taking the necessary precaution and cures. Grand Duke (Tai Sui) has moved from North to North-East (22.5 - 37.5 degrees). It is advisable not to take this lightly as you must avoid renovation or digging in this area at all cost. Failure to do so may result in misunderstanding, gossip, career downfall, sickness or fatal injuries. Please do bear in mind that you should NEVER face North-East but instead having your back against will enhance support when comes to business contract or career advancement. Do not attempt to carry out any work or moving furniture in this corner as it is likely to be having families breakup, arguments, bad relationships, violent,gossips, etc. It is always best to be prepared and avoid renovation, digging or moving stuff during Yin Earth Ox 2009.

    5 Yellow has relocated from South to North in 2009. Similarly to the Grand Duke, it is utmost importance that you do not disturb the ground by renovation or digging during Yin Earth Ox 2009. If you do not heed this advice, you may result with fatal accidents or bankruptcy. It can also cause your family breakup, argument, fatal illness and even death. For the sake of your family members and yourself, do consider to avoid activity otherwise implement the cures to reduce the effects.

    The Violent Star #7 has moved from Southwest to the East in combination with the 3 Killings. With such combination, it increases the likelihood of creating havoc with financial lossess, business loss, robbery, theft, injury, violent fighting and family disturance. As always, please avoid digging or renovation in this sector otherwise you will be faced with financial loss, sickness and arguments. Never sit your back in this direction (East) as you will face back-stabbing so it is better to face East instead. Best to do some cures to prevent such issues and impact for you and your family to turn around for the best of 2009.

    Please refers to our Flying Stars analysis for the Yin Earth Ox 2009 Cure. Always keep in mind that you should be prepared with all critical cures for the 5 Yellow, Grand Duke (Tai Sui) and 3 Killings to enjoy peaceful and healthy year of 2009.