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    Making use of Feng Shui simple concept of logic by tapping the Earth Qi Energy where it will enhance individual as well as the surrounding of your house where you can guide it the right way to settle down in the wealth corner. You can benefit 100% of the Qi energy in terms of health, wealth, career, business, relationship and growth within your family members. Learn the secret formula where you can gain beyond what you can imagine that Feng Shui really works for you with simple applications.

    12 Animals For Rooster 2005


    Overall prediction, it should be a good year for Rat provided certain precaution measures are taken into consideration. Relationship can be undergoing a rough ride and opportunity to meet new acquaintances. Be extreme careful when it comes to decision making like signing contracts, buying properties, etc as it may leads to legal troubles, slander and arguments as unscrupulous people or rivals taking advantage over your mistake. Rats can activate their personal direction with their animal sign together their secret friend and allies. Rat secret friend is OX and its allies are Dragon and Monkey. This year is favorable for female instead of male.


    It is an average year for Ox but through hard work and determination, OX can receives rewarding results. Good year for those who are studying and based on your personal Kua Number, activating your good direction to enhance better result. Re-locating your office desk to your most favorable direction will enhance good luck for this year. Ox can carry with them their secret friend and allies animal signs. Ox secret friend is Rat and allies are Snake and Rooster. Good year for relationship and Ox may encounter stress and fall ill. Placing a Wu Lou at bedside to prevent sickness.


    This year will be a good start for Tiger and all negative energy will be resolved. For single tiger, it is likely to have a development in relationship. Tiger is likely to encounter wealth luck but avoid overspending. Energize the favorable direction but do take note of the directions of the annual afflictions. The secret friend of Tiger is Pig and the allies are Horse and Dog. Keep these animal signs with you at all times to reap the benefits. Never feel rejected minor setbacks as through hard work, tiger gets to reap its harvest.


    It is an unfavorable year for Rabbit due to clashes with Tai Sui & Rooster. Health is most important factor to be taken care of as illness will tend to take a much longer time for recovery. Put a Wu Lou in your bedroom to cure illness. Rabbit is located in the East and using a 6 Rods Windchime to absorb all negative energies thus reducing the chance of sickness. In business, avoid rash decisions about signing contracts or buying properties as it might results in losses. The secret friend is Dog and the allies are Sheep and Pig. Keep these animal signs with you at all times to tide over crisis.  


    Dragon will enjoy its fruit this year as it is very prosperous for all those who are under this sign. Whether you are doing business or working as an employeee, there are possibilities of promotions, wealth or success in new business venture. For single, relationship may be of a problem as you are likely not having success in finding your life partner. You can try putting the Double Happiness and the Mandarin Ducks in your room to enhance Romance. Your secret friend is Rooster and allies are Monkey and  Rat.


    Good opportunities for business and career success with combination formation between Snake & Rooster. All hard work and effort will result with promotion and increase salary. Snake will enjoy good fortune and a loving relationship. Re-locating your office desk to your good direction will bring in wealth and good luck for the rest of this year. A slight health problem but not real serious. Snake secret friend is Monkey and allies are Rooster and Ox. Be on a lookout for good opportunity as they will only come once, if you miss it then do not regret it.


    New opportunities arise for Horse and through hard work results with success. Not to take unnecessary risks with your venture in finance. You will reap your rewards through recognition of all your past contributions and efforts.
    Horse will encounter wealth luck and activating its Fu Wei according to the good direction will enhance the result. This year, Horse is likely to involve with travel and receive good news. Horse secret friend is Sheep and allies are Dog and Tiger. Horse is likely to be unlucky with romance, therefore better to be concentrating in career, business or studies.


    Average year for Goat as there are inauspicious stars linger around. For business, must exercise 100% precaution when comes to signing of agreements or committing contracts in large projects. Not advisable to overspend and curb your greed desire. Avoid taking too much credit but share it otherwise it is likely to create jealousy among your colleagues. Goat is prone to injuries & accidents this year, therefore extra care should be taken when comes to travelling. Goat secret friend is Horse and allies are Pig and Rabbit.


    Illness Star invades under this sign, therefore health will be an issue for Monkey. There is a need to do exercises and watch out your diets to maintain a healthy life. Remember to do regular checkups in avoid sudden impact of illnesses. Use Wu Lou in the bedroom to weaken the effect of the illness star. There is a sign of romance but not to put high hopes as you are likely to turn out disappointed. Do not have high expectations in career or projects as you are likely to encounter obstructions and failure. Ensure that all projects are well documented and proper instructions are given to avoid problems and trouble later. Monkey secret friend is Snake and allies are Rat and Dragon.


    Not a very good year for Rooster since it clashes with Tai Sui (Grand Duke) in the West. This is likely to affect your health and wealth. Curb yourself from over-spending for raining days. Do not rush in whatever you are doing otherwise it will result with negative impact. Put a 6-Rods Windchime in the East corner to absorb all negative energies and illness that will affect you. Not a good year for travelling as you are likely to involve with injuries or accidents. Avoid facing your inauspicious directions when working or eating. Re-locating your office desk in your favorable direction but avoid the locations of the annual afflictions.
    Rooster secret friend is Dragon and allies are Ox and Snake.


    Not a peaceful year for Dog as encountering with financial losses, unfavorable gossiping and disappointment in relationships. Try to control your emotions and tempers as it might get out of hands causing disasters in romance. Your career is likely to expose with gossiping and back-stabbing that may result in legal complication. Watch out with your relationship as you will be likely to be disappointed and feel betrayal. It is better not to get involve with other people's issues and arguments then it will be peaceful for this year. Dog secret friend is Rabbit and allies are Tiger and Horse.


    A change for the better for Pig in Rooster year. Hard work and persistent allows you to reap all the benefits. Extra care should be taken when comes to investments. A good year to settle old debts and resolve unsettled issues. There is a sign of improvement in health if there is old aliment.
    Pig secret friend is Tiger and allies are Rabbit and Sheep.

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